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Vespa Christian Dior

10 Things We Learned About the Christian Dior Vespa

Scooter West’s Robot gave us an up close and personal look at the new collaboration between Vespa and Christian Dior. Here are ten things that took us by surprise about the Christian Dior Vespa.

1) Displacement is not consistent

The Vespa Christian Dior will be available as a 150cc in North America and perhaps also Japan. However, in all other markets, it will be a 125cc. Remember these numbers, we’ll be talking about them later.

2) Top speed

The top speed is 60 miles per hour, or 96.5 km/hr, but Scooter West thinks they can make it go a little faster than that.

3) Limited availability

The Vespa Christian Dior is extremely rare and will have limited availability. Scooter West received 3 of only 60 destined for the United States, or possibly all of North America.

4) Hand-made production

The Vespa Christian Dior is hand-built in a separate section of the Vespa factory, away from the main factory line. They are also custom painted, different from the rest of other Vespas.

5) Gold painted trim

This is the first Vespa to have custom gold painted trim in history.

watch this video

Watch this video!

6) Other premium touches

Other premium custom touches on the Vespa Christian Dior include a navy leather seat and leather wrapped hand grips. The traditional Vespa bag holder is replaced with CD lettering.

7) No storage under the seat

Unlike a traditional Vespa, the Christian Dior doesn’t have a big storage space under your seat. You’ll have a small cubby to keep a copy of your documents, but that’s about it.

2022 Vespa Christian Dior hand grips

8)  It’s heavy

The weight of the Vespa Christian Dior isn’t disclosed, but it’s construction is all metal, aside from an aluminum handlebar. Scooter West’s Robot says it says almost as much as a large frame GTS300. However, the 300cc Vespa would obviously have much more power, which makes us wonder if the Christian Dior would be slow to accelerate, especially the 125cc version.

9) Safety

The Vespa Christian Dior comes with a crash control system which Robot says gives it greater safety features than any other Vespas of its class.

10) MSRP

MSRP on the Vespa Christian Dior is $22,000. Though if it’s anything like some of these luxury purses out there, it could be worth a lot more than that in the future.


This isn’t a utilitarian Vespa. The Christian Dior is a fashionista’s Vespa, with a luxury price and premium details. Performance won’t be exceptional, but fit and quality will. This isn’t a daily rider, it’s a luxury piece that exudes status and quality.

Thank you to Robot and Scooter West for the video!

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