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12 Traffic Laws That Will Leave You Scratching Your Head

12 Traffic Laws That Will Leave You Scratching Your Head

Across the United States, there are laws, rules, and regulations that are designed to keep drivers safe while on the road. There are some traffic laws for drivers; however, that are not only unique, but they may also leave you scratching your head. Here are the top 12 craziest in America.


You may wonder why this law was even necessary, but in Alabama, you cannot drive while blindfolded. Guess someone tried it often enough to warrant a law.


If you ever visit Alaska, do not tie your dog to the top of your vehicle’s roof. It is against the law. The law does not differentiate between a moving vehicle or one that is standing still. To be safe, just don’t put the dog up there.


Animals are important in Florida, but so is money. That is why they combined the two into one of the most bizarre laws. If you tie your goat, alligator, or elephant to a parking meter, make sure you put the money in the meter.


While driving in the state of Massachusetts, you must not let your gorilla sit in the back seat. So, where are you supposed to keep your gorilla? It doesn’t say.


You know horses are an important contribution to society when a state writes laws banning scaring them. To avoid scaring horses, horn honking is banned in Mississippi.


While other states may ban the scooping up of dead animal bodies off the highways and roadsides, Montana has a law that promotes it. In fact, Montana’s law allows you to eat the roadkill after you scoop it off the road.


You know how important red lights are in keeping traffic organized – except in Nevada. Funeral processions are allowed to run red lights as a way of honoring the dead. Sounds dangerous!

New Jersey

Another law written about respect is this one in New Jersey. It is disrespectful, and against the law, to frown at a police officer. So, when you see an officer, quickly put a smile on your face.


Protecting the mental health of the area horses is important in Pennsylvania. So much so, that there is a law that says if horses are coming toward your car, you must turn your car off, put a blanket over it, and try to blend into the area as the horses pass. No, this isn’t a joke.

South Dakota

Keeping any garbage in your car is against the law in South Dakota, so if you eat something and still have the wrappers in your car, try not to get pulled over. The anti-garbage law could get costly.


In Tennessee, you can legally shoot from your vehicle, but only at whales. That doesn’t bode well with other laws about keeping your eyes on the road, does it? Oh, and aren’t some whales almost extinct?


Hugs are important enough in Washington that they wrote a law about them. You must hug before you get behind the wheel and refrain from hugs inside the vehicle or face a reckless driving charge.

After reading 12 of the craziest traffic laws across the United States, what do you think? Hard to believe they exist, isn’t it.

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