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13 Absurdly Expensive Motorcycle Jackets for Wannabes

Motorcycle jackets are commonly scattered around YouMotorcycle HQ. They decorate our home made jacket wall rack. They line the back of office chairs. Expensive motorcycle jackets and cheap ones alike, they are all a part of the furniture here. But the world of fashion will stick its nose wherever it pleases. They will then charge astronomical prices for an image taken from a lifestyle they do nothing to support. The motorcycle jacket is a wardrobe staple for fashionistas, and these brands are taking full advantage of our look.

We’ve seen motorcycle helmets on the runway before. We know that the world is obsessed with motorcycling. In seeing these absurdly expensive motorcycle jackets we realize just how obsessed with us the high end fashion world is. But you’re a motorcyclist. You’ve eyed the premium leather riding jackets by Alpine Stars, Dainese, and Roland Sands. You know how much a great motorcycle jacket can cost. But those are real motorcycle jackets. Those are riding jackets. They have ventilation, CE-Approved armor, double or triple stitching, research and development, maybe even wind tunnel testing. These fashion pieces have none of that, and they probably cost more than your first motorcycle did.

Motorcycle jacket shopping

Oh look, this one is only a few dollars more than what my motorcycle cost!

VEDA Women's Dali Classic Moto Jacket

Veda Women’s Dali Classic Moto Jacket ($898)

Iro Gant Leather Jacket

Iro Paris Gant Leather Jacket ($1,430)

The Arrivals Rainier Leather Moto Jacket

The Arrivals Rainier Leather Moto Jacket ($795)

Laer Classic Moto

Laer Classic Moto ($850)

Mango Zip Leather Jacket

Mango Zip Leather Jacket ($199)

Saint Laurent Leather Moto Jacket

Saint Laurent Leather Moto Jacket ($6244)

The Kooples Leather Jacket with Laced Cuffs

The Kooples Leather Jacket with Laced Cuffs ($1100)

AllSaints Balfern Biker

AllSaints Balfern Biker ($540)
Topshop Leather Biker Jacket
Topshop Leather Biker Jacket ($320)
Acne Studios Mock Leather Jacket
Acne Studios Mock Leather Jacket ($1600)
Anine Bing Structured Biker Jacket
Anine Bing Structured Biker Jacket ($1099)
Balenciaga Leather Moto Jacket
Balenciaga Leather Moto Jacket ($2745)
H&M Leather Biker Jacket

Ok, that last motorcycle jacket wasn’t so expensive, but you get it. So what do you think? Fashion is making big money from people who want to look like they ride. Is it a form of expressive creativity, or just a capitalist abuse of our culture?

In a more recent link between fashion and motorcycling, this year Christian Dior has partnered with iconic Italian brand Vespa to create a special edition Christian Dior Vespa.

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  1. For THAT kind of money, you’d think they could get them to fit properly, wouldn’t you?!!!!

  2. RT @YouMotorcycle: 13 Absurdly Expensive Motorcycle Jackets for Wannabes https://t.co/KG27KehIW1 https://t.co/YONapz9ZwA

  3. I certainly think fashion draws inspiration from everything. Even military attire. Think safari, ripped jeans, cabin socks, plaid. It’s all drawn from everyday life.

  4. Well if there is someone dumb enough to pay that price, I certainly hope they are NOT on the motorcycle next to mine.

  5. What a waste of space. Please leave this stuff for the fashion magazines, and give us articles useful to motorcyclists.

  6. It appears BLACK is the new orange! (or is it green, i.e. the colour of money?) :-)

  7. I didn’t know I was wearing a fortune. LMAO

  8. hm…most of these flimsy overpriced jackets would nothing for the rider in event of crash or road rash…
    Be smart – get an actual riding jacket.
    I’m riding supermoto in “ICON Motorhead” totally bulletproof – dont believe me? check it out…

  9. No real motorcycle owner would ever wear a jacket that has any metal (buckle, zipper, button) that could in any way touch and therefore /scratch the gas tank. We also like body armor in the elbows/shoulder/spine. The jackets above will shred like cheese in a fall. Dress for the crash not the ride. Get real gear for a real world ride.

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