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20 Year Old Enduro Motorcyclist Changes Her Rear Tire in <5 Minutes

Jess Gardiner turned 20 years old this past March. She’s far from your typical young female motorcyclist. Jess is a  full time dump truck driver in addition to her pursuit of the World Championships where she finished in the top 3, and the National series in Australia where she finished first in the seniors division.

Enduro is a little different than your AMA Motorcross events. Races go for 8 hours a day, sometimes for up to four days straight. During the two or four day events, no one is allowed to touch the motorcycles except for the racers. If something mechanical goes wrong, it’s up to the racer to fix it. A pit crew can assist with the workspace (handing tools, tidying, etc.), but they can’t physically touch the bike. When Jess first started she said it took her 15 minutes to change a tire. Now she can change her front tire, rear tire, and air filter, in under fifteen minutes. In this video we see her changing her rear tire in under 5 minutes:

Here’s an interview with Jess Gardiner on FOX Sports in Australia:

Lastly, here’s a clip of Jess in Enduro action while an energetic cameraman cheers her on:

Big props to Leigh Hutton for sharing the tire change video on Twitter. Leigh is a writer, journalist, public relations pro, mother, and wife, who digs enduro and motocross. That’s pretty cool too.

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