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3D Printed Motorcycle

3D Printed Motorcycle

Designer and artist Jonathan Brand has created a 3D printed motorcycle that gearheads, motorcycle enthusiasts, 3D printing fans, and interior designers will all appreciate.

From his studio in New Haven, CT, Jonathan Brand has printed out a full-scale replica 3D printed motorcycle based on a classic: a 1970’s Honda CB 500 universal Japanese motorcycle (UJM). The bike was made primarily from ultra thin translucent plastic by two of Brand’s Ultimaker 3D printers.

And, as a guy who decorates his home with paintings of motorcycles, I have to say that Brand’s work is beautiful.

3D Printed Motorcycle

Brand explained that while living in Brooklyn he began motorcycle shopping and planned on buying an old Honda CB.

We all know how well plans and motorcycles always go.

In Brand’s case the plan was derailed by the birth of his son. Brand decided that motorcycles, being a new father, and being incredibly accident prone, were a bad combination. He decided that a 3D printed motorcycle was a smarter (and safer) decision for him.

3D Printed Motorcycle

Canadian-born in Sarnia, Ontario, Brand earned a BA from the U of Guelph and a Masters degree from Yale University. As far as 3D printers are concerned, Brand has been using them for around five years.

“If you have a lot of money, you can get a pretty robust and reliable printer, but the material still seems to be a limitation. The biggest problem I’ve had is getting reliable quality printing materials in the US. I’d really like to experiment with a resin based printer, but for now it’s just too expensive for the large scale work I’m doing.”

– Jonathan Brand

Building the 3D printed Honda CB500 motorcycle involved using two Ultimaker 3D printers, 3D Studio Max, Adobe Illustrator, Geomagic, Kisslicer, Netfabb, and Rhino.

3D Printed Motorcycle

Brand first built the initial forms. He cut out parts by hand or with a vinyl cutter with a laser eye for registering dimensions. For final production, each piece is printed in small sections and glued together individually.

Despite taking over a year to make, and all of the time spent in piecework and production, Brand is convinced that the final product is more a work of art and than an engineering project.

“I personally think it’s art, because I have a lot of respect for engineers. My education is in art. I had an engineer tell me that if I knew what I was doing (from an engineering perspective) I’d never make my work, because I’d know beforehand that it wouldn’t work. I have a factory of one.”

– Jonathan Brand

3D Printed Motorcycle

Is Brand’s 3D printed motorcycle a work of art, a mini engineering masterpiece, or a bit of both?

Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Where’s the chain!?
    Just kidding. Simply amazing piece of work. Put it under glass….and in the living room!

  2. RT @sundaymorning46: This is amazing, a guy has 3D printed a Honda CB 500.

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  4. 3D Printed Motorcycle http://t.co/vkDhjc2c7A via @YouMotorcycle

  5. There’s a 1972 CB500 on Kijiji GTA right now for $600. That would be cool to display opposite the the 3D bike.

  6. John Broadhead

    We think that it is a CB750. I’m not always right, but I’m never wrong. John B.

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  10. WOW,what an INCREDIBLE (and meticulous) PIECE of Work!!! Simply an astounding piece of art there Jonathan!!!

  11. Ii would enter that into the grand rapids michigan art prize 2019. That is just awesome

  12. It looks like a CB750 with the inclined cylinders unless it is some weird under bored Japanese model. Also has a rear disk brake (not available on the CB500 or CB750) on the wrong side making the drive sprocket on the wrong side. Still it is beautiful and I’d put it in the middle of my living room.

  13. Who gives a rats ass

  14. I’d like a Ducati Scrambler in Amber!

  15. Just curious, did you lace the rims and spokes or are they one piece. Incredible work.

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