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5 Artists On Ural Sidecars Crossing The Road of Bones

In 2014, a two year journey on a bitch of old Ural 650 motorcycles with sidecars was started by a group of artists stitched together from all over the world. Yes, that is the correct term for four Ural motorcycles with sidecars, loaded with artists and their stuff, being repeatedly torn apart and rebuilt for engine failures and swamp crossings. Don’t believe me? Check this out:

We got back in touch with Suzy to hear more about what the troop is up against:

The greatest challenge of our expedition will be managing the off-road conditions through Chukotka. Here is a link to our map.

The most critical part for which we are preparing now is a 2,000 km extension of river water: The Kolyma river (Locally known as Siberian winter road). This is one of the largest extensions of water in northeastern Siberia which is frozen 250 days in a year.

To manage a 1,600 kilometer portion of of the Kolyma we plan to reconstruct our Urals with floating pontoons and a boat propeller. We will face a wild region, which is predominantly not accessible via landway vehicles. For this we are working on transforming our vehicles and temporary mobile homes into floating constructions:

kolyma challenge for web

reconstructions step 2

Driving/Swimming down the Kolyma river on pontoons is a totally unique event! We have a lot of costs to cover for making things a reality and for this we are welcoming different companies or individuals to jump on board and become a part of our amphibious challenge! In return we can create some pretty cool material – You can have a peak at our portfolio.

Another thing we are organizing at the moment is a Patreon crowdfunding campaign where people will be able to “Adopt a Ural” and teach them how to swim.

I wonder how people would react to that…My sister still receives letters from a donkey she adopted way back when she was a kid…Which I find absolutely strange but still kind of cool…It’s probably even more exaggerated if the letters would be coming from a Ural 650… ;)

ALSO! Over the next couple of weeks we’ll probably be doing a FLOATING URAL TRIAL on the Fraser river (New Westminster – BC) – Anyone can come by and have a look – Just message us at info@leavinghomefunktion.com so we can send out our exact coordinates.

Thanks, Suzy. You can visit www.leavinghomefunktion.com and www.cominghomefunktion.com to see more.

The artists have recently launched a 2nd crowd-funding campaign on PATREON. They live under the stars, sun or rain, and their whole financial objective is to keep the engines running, and to help them to manufacture their innovative Amphibious Ural and to get through their expedition using only the bare necessities. Please consider making a donation.

leavinghomefunktion-map*LEAVINGHOMEFUNKTION* Check out all of our posts on LEAVINGHOMEFUNKTION right here.

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  1. UPDATE // floating Ural on the Fraser River coming up soon https://t.co/NAaSrsayA6

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