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5 Must Watch Motorcycle Adventure Films

5 Must Watch Motorcycle Adventure Films

The art of adventure and motorcycling go hand in hand. The level of freedom and excitement that can felt on a bike compares with very little out there in the world of travel and transport, so it’s no surprise that motorcycling has been the subject of many films over the years.

Travel films are no exception – they tap into the consciousness of riders who are curious for more – always asking questions and always wondering ‘where next?’ This blog post looks at 5 must watch motorcycle adventure films, and discovers why watching them will get you in the mood for your next big trip….

Long Way Round

Between April and July 2004, Charlie Boorman and Ewan McGregor travelled from London to New York ‘the long way round’ – taking two BMW R1150GS bikes with them and transversing some of the most difficult terrain the world had to throw at them. It was an epic documentary series, and still one of the best watches for a combination of travel, adventure and motorcycle fuelled action.

The Motorcycle Diaries

This film about the written memoir of the 23 year-old Che Guevara recounts an epic 1952 expedition across Central America. Stunningly shot, with some great bike sequences combined with an adventure fuelled coming of age story – it’s almost certainly worth a watch

Riding Solo to the Top of the World

Filmmaker Gaurav Jani did exactly this – journeying from Mumbai to one of the most remote places on earth, the Changthang Plateau. Filming entirely as a one man unit, he captures some incredible moments with the landscape, the people who inhabit it as well as himself and his own experience of this stunning journey.

Mondo Enduro

This is perhaps one of the most famous motorcycle expeditions to have been caught on camera. Between 1995 and 1996, a team of 7 experienced long-distance riders decided to travel the longest way round the world – in the shortest time possible. Using Suzuki DR350 Dual Sport bikes, they documented their epic journey while often camping rough and travelling through some of the most dangerous terrain in the world.

Cycles South

Badly behaved, rock’n’roll and one of the ultimate old-fashioned motorcycle road movies – Cycles South is about three guys riding from Colorado to Panama and having one hell of a time doing it. Action and adventure is the name of the game; with hedonism packed into every spare minute.

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  1. Cycles South I did see, their stop in Albq. N Mexico is almost ‘historic’, comparing it to the current city, the shop they stopped @ in Albuquerque, Bobby J’s, (yama) is still there tho’.

  2. What about “the fastest indian” http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0412080/

    • The Fastest Indian is a great movie. I saw it in Invercargill, New Zealand, which is the home town of its main character, Bert Munroe. Highly recommend.

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  7. We just got back from a trip to Newfoundland (leaving from Ottawa, ON) which took place over 2 weeks. We (really just me) documented the whole trip and ended up putting together a 16 episode series which covers the year long prep (episodes 1- 4) and the trip itself (episodes 5-16). Hope you get a chance to watch it. And hope to see more motorcycle travel vids!


  8. Sadly Gaurav Jani passed away in 2020! He was a gem of a person and always took time to answer strangers phone calls and have amazing conversations with other travellers! He was an inspiration to the riding community in India. Rest in Power!

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