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5 Online Dating Dos and Donts for Bikers

5 Online Dating Do’s and Don’ts for Bikers

As a 30-something single woman, I see a lot of dating tips from all sorts of experts, including psychologists, dating gurus, and best-selling authors, not to mention online dating user testimonials found all over the web. Given that I have a soft spot for gearheads, I’d like to present my motorcycle dating do’s and don’ts based on nothing but years of hands-on experience that make me …deep breath… a serial biker dater.

#1: Be Honest from the Beginning

Here’s a thought – how ’bout being who you really are, and not trying to be someone who you think would impress me? Kindness and honesty are hot even if you see I’m crushing on you harder than you are on me. Sure, you might want to parade me in front of your biker friends to show them another trophy you’ve got, but no matter how low my self-esteem may be at the time, at some point I’ll lift myself up, dust myself off, and hit the road without you. Don’t string me along, just tell me what you’re really after. At least I’ll know.

#2: Consider Someone Different

Consider someone you wouldn’t usually be attracted to. The girl you’re looking for might not live in a 5-mile radius, and she might not like the same music as you and your ex. She might come in a package that is the exact opposite of your regular type. Approach online dating with an open heart, give different women a chance, and by all means make the first move by saying something that is bound to grab my attention.

#3: Let Me Know if You Like Me

If we’re chatting and you realize you like me, let me know! Take advantage of that initial spike of interest and curiosity. Don’t take too long to ask me out because you might just end up being my pen pal. I want to move forward and see if we should meet instead of exchanging hearts and smiley faces until I’m blue in the face. Please live up to all the biker stereotypes, and above all be strong and confident enough to go after what you really want.

5 Online Dating Do's and Don’ts for BikersPic: Kireyonok_Yuliya

#4: Don’t Just Say Hi

I know that bikers can be men of few words, but if you see me on a dating app and want to talk to me, don’t just say hi. Personalize your message at least a little bit, comment on something you see in my pics or on my profile and write a sentence longer than three words. Mind you, don’t comment on my looks because that will sound like just another line, and the first thing that will come to my mind is that you just want a casual hookup. You don’t have to write me a novel, but showing me you aren’t just fishing helps a lot.

#5: Your Profile Picture (Probably) Sucks

Smile! I’m so amazed at how many men don’t smile in their profile pictures. I don’t want to see you frown, wink or make funny or serious faces. I want you to look genuine, not like a poser who’s trying to impress me in the wrong way. If there is only one thing that you take away from all this, it should be this: I don’t care for pictures of your bikes or cars or any other trophies because it is us girls you’re trying to impress, not other men! When impressing a woman, showing a softer side, not showing yourself holding a slimy fish, is what gets you real dates.

EDITOR’S NOTE: I can’t say I really thought that all of these tips were that great. None of them are my golden one online dating tip for motorcyclists that I would have shared. Check that out here.

COMMENTS: Is this good and sound advice, or is there a lot more to it then that? This was a guest post and I’m thinking of writing my own retort. Should I?

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  1. In response to the points outlined, particularly about being honest: I have been married for 27 years, have two kids (both in their 20’s), am into my bike (obviously!). I am a Driving Instructor but also write history books and articles, and the profile picture of me that you see here really IS me, as I was last summer. I have actually lost a little over a stone in weight since then, so although I don’t look 56 in that photo, I look even better now! And yes, I really was sitting in the cockpit of a Spitfire when that photo was taken. Nothing fake there! I also have a frankly, terrific sense of humour! (Details of how I got the nickname “Mad Mitch” available on request).

    I’m into Brunettes, Blondes, Redheads, Dark hair, dark skin, light skin, olive skin, ALL races and ethnicities, sizes UK 10 to 14 inclusive with absolutely any eye colour but red! Biker girl ideally of course, but not essential.

    Last profile point: Such a shame I’m not dating really! (Sorry girls!) but if I WAS; you’d love me! (Probably!) XX

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