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Alpinestars Blacktop Review

ReviewI picked up a pair of Alpinestars Blacktop shoes a year ago. I was doing a lot less office work and a lot more bartending. I needed a motorcycle boot that could provide more protection than a sneaker, but was low-key enough to be worn under a pair of jeans or khakis without sticking out like a sore thumb. The Blacktops were a perfect fit.

Usage 1 year, approx. 7,500 (4,660 miles)

alpinestars blacktop_shoes_detail

When it comes to boots, the Blacktop’s feel light as a feather. Compared to the clunky leather boots I had been wearing before, they were not only much lighter but also much more comfortable thanks to an “exclusive rubber compound sole.” That’s not just a crafty P.R. person’s words, these shoes kept me on my feet during some intense 6 hour no break work shifts.

Best of all for the fair-weather rider, the Alpinestars Blacktops really are designed for summer riding. You’ll get enough airflow to proudly ride over to see your lover on the other side of town, take off your boots, and not be afraid of what stench may wreak havoc on her hallway. That can be the difference between a ride with a happy ending, or a ride with “just a friend”.

The downside of this is come Canadian fall, you need to put your Blacktops away and get another pair of motorcycle boots. If you’re the type who rides well into the fall, or all year round, the Alpinestars won’t cut it. They really are made for the summer.

alpinestars blacktops_old_vs_new_design

Protection comes from reinforced padding, designed to take slides and rolls more than falls and crashes. Will they give you the same degree of protection as your friend’s SIDI boots? Not even close. Will they give you more protection than your Nike Air Force Ones or Nike ACGs? Absolutely.

The Blacktops were redesigned for the 2012 riding season and now feature a reflective outine and more visible A-Stars logo.
I’m happy with the old design and won’t be upgrading until the Blacktops are worn out.

After about 7,500 km my Blacktops are still in great shape. They just could use a rinse. I found sizing to be a half size down as with most boots. They aren’t the greatest in the rain and they aren’t designed to be. As a summer boot for getting around the city the Alpinestars Blacktop motorcycle boots are a winner in the bang for buck category.

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