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Angels From Hell

Inspired by bikerMetric I decided to take a little time to look up some biker B Movies. Sure enough a quick search on Netflix came up with the 1968 flick Angels from Hell among others. I hit play and within minutes my eyes were filled with drum brakes and 3 foot tall sissy bars. Rock on!

Angels From Hell

Over 20 years before you ever heard the words “Stick with me son, I’ll make you a star,” in Tom Cruise’s Cocktail flick, there was the story of a former motorcycle club president returning from Vietnam and trying to resume his old ways with his new MC.

“Well, uh, I suppose your other leaders made you a lot of nutty promises. Yeah, like a beer in every hand, or uh, some pot for every cot, well I’m not gonna make you any promises. I am gonna lay some jazz on your mind boy. I’m gonna put some things down about the wild things I have in store for this club.”

His name is Mike Connery (Tom Stern), and he has big dreams for his club, and for motorcyclists nation-wide:

“I’d like to see us take a run, a cross-country run, where we organize all the clubs together and we have four or five hundred bikes riding through. Man, the police won’t hassle us then, will they? Stick with me, and I’ll make you famous.”

It isn’t long before springer front end trikes, skinny tired ratty sounding twins, and other eye-candy for the vintage motorcycle lover fills the screen, followed by a high speed chase on unpaved roads with sweet flat tracker drifts and jumps. I have to admit I loved watching the off road run, all helmet-free of course.

It isn’t long before Mike works his magic on local keeper Ginger (Arlene Martel). If you’re wondering why that name sounds familiar, it’s because a year before Angels from Hell, Arlene Martel played Spock’s wife on the hit TV series Star Trek.

Angels from Hell (1968) Ginger

“Ginger, you talk too much, but you’ve got groovy eyes.” Mike you shrewd devil, you! Remember when saying that was all it took to let you unzip a woman’s mustard colored one piece jumpsuit? Well, I don’t, but if I ever decide to try it out I’ll be sure to let you know how it goes. Somehow I don’t think I’ll be as lucky. Maybe I should grow a thick handlebar mustache first?

When The Man to write up tickets on the boys’ bikes parked outside of Ginger’s Go-Go Club. Before long the Mad Caps MC boys distract the officer with insults to his motorcycle just long enough to handcuff him to his own police bike. Before long the club’s shenanigans and pranks on the law catch up to them as the heat start their own private war to even the score.

At thehead of the goon-ish band of police officers is Chief Bingham, who seems to be the only decent one in the bunch:

“I’ve got something I want you all to understand. Now I don’t care what your personal feelings are about these kids. I just don’t care about it. But let’s get one thing straight. They’ve got the same rights as anybody else. And when it becomes a crime to ride a motorbike down the street, by God, that’s a sad day for all of us.”

It isn’t until one of the Mad Caps MC boys gets shot by the fuzz in a set up, the war between the club and heat is on, and it’s up to President Mike to lead them through it all.

Angels From Hell

If scenes of up-swept pipes shooting motorcycle exhaust as high as the motorcyclist’s head, engine cylinders being washed in kitchen sinks and dried on window curtains, and a little bit of 60’s-lovin’-grass-and-groovin’-freedom-longin’ is your thing, watch this flick.

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