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Angie Feret Interview

Angie Feret – Artist, Model, Female Motorcyclist of the Month

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We saw Angie Feret follow us on Instagram and creeped her profile. Here was a female motorcyclist, also from Toronto, working in a motorcycle dealership, and out doing some cool and colorful stuff.

Angie - skater

Angie Feret

Home town:
Cambridge, Ontario, Canada

Where you are now:
Half way through a 200km bike ride.

Astrological sign:

Claim to Fame:
Infusing creativity into every aspect of my life, and approaching situations with the heart of an artisan.

Three things I couldn’t live without:
My amazing friends and family, my bike, and food food food!

I can whoop any man’s ass at:

The thing I’m most proud of is:
My cultivation of happiness


YouMotorcycle: Tell us a little about yourself, in your own words.

Angie: I am an artist, a model, a lover of the outdoors. I am free spirited and easy going. Sometimes I find it hard to decided between riding my bicycle and riding my motorcycle to work (and some days the longboard). I could ride any of these options for days straight and be the happiest girl in the world. I like dressing up for shoots, for comic book conventions, for parties, whatever! I am a workaholic who rarely sleeps.

Angie Feret - body paint

YouMotorcycle: When did you decide to start riding motorcycles, and how did you get into it?

Angie: I WANTED to start riding when I was 16, but lack of time, money and motivation delayed this until over a decade later. My ex girlfriend sold me her old scooter, and I rode that for over a year. But when that died, I was in need of a vehicle QUICK. My younger sister was looking to upgrade so she sold me her Yamaha Virago (named Vera). I rode it every day from Toronto to Oakville about 3 hours of riding per day, rain or shine. My riding improved very quickly. I was also forced to learn a lot about bikes due to a slew of difficulties I had with Vera – probably from riding her way too hard.

Angie Feret - but first, let me take a selfie

YouMotorcycle: Sounds like we had similar paths. I started off on a scooter before taking on an ’85 Honda cruiser that required a lot of love… which taught me how to ride and how to wrench at the same time.

Angie: I love the DIY aspect as well! I like doing maintenance myself. I always feel so accomplished once I figure something new out.

YouMotorcycle: What are you looking for next?

Angie: I’m currently looking for an affordable/reliable bike in the range of 500cc. My poor little 250 has served me well, but I need to ride further!

Angie Feret - adventurer

YouMotorcycle: How’s the Toronto motorcycle scene treating you?

Angie: I love the motorcycle community. It makes me feel like I am part of the coolest crew in the world. The comradery and sense of belonging is overwhelming. People are always willing to lend a hand, a truck, a tool, or pass along a phone number of someone that can help you out if you are in need. I found some cool guys on Instagram and started going to meet ups. I love how passionate everyone is and how much they love their bikes as if they were their children. Especially the guys I know that build their own bikes.

Angie Feret

YouMotorcycle: I can see you building your own custom motorcycle in the future…

Angie: I would LOVE to build my own bike. Right now I am engulfed with design and modelling work, but I took this job at the shop on Saturdays (even though I really don’t have the time – or even the need for it) because it serendipitously arose. I hate to pass on wonderful opportunities that not only allow me to accumulate skills and connections, but are also so in line with my interests. If I ever abandon Motion Design I know it will be for something like motorcycle mechanics.

YouMotorcycle: How has motorcycling played a role in your life as a woman?

Angie: I really try to challenge gender roles. I tend to gravitate more towards “masculine” interests. This gets pointed out a lot in most areas of my life. It is, however, a bit conflicting for me. Sometimes I find it frustrating that I get the whole “good for you” when people find out I ride. Not that they are meaning to be condescending in any way – I guess I am just surprised that it even has to be noted when a female rides a motorcycle. But on the other hand, sometimes I feel a huge sense of empowerment. I know that I myself even get excited when I find other female riders. Like in some way I’m proving that I can do anything I want to, regardless of what society thinks.

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