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Babes Ride Out

Babes Ride Out – Sanity in Breaking the Rules

We sit behind our desks, or serve average faces coffee. We stand behind wandering eyes, always looking for the next adventure. That next opportunity to grab a moment and store it away into the archives of our mind. Women confined to society all while fighting it. Rowing against the current, against waves ready to take us under.

Our phones show us visions of freedom. Glowing screens filled with a rolling feed of photos urging us to explore and conquer. The opportunity presents itself, and all of these women participating in the daily movements of the world use this rolling feed of photos to come together and share their passion for rebellion.

The days spent in the Desert of Joshua Tree, California, took my eyes from my phone and set them on the very adventures I had wished I could be a part of. Tucked amongst a scene of strengthened women, tents, and motorcycles.

In this place, I found sanity in breaking the rules, because it was perfectly sane in that moment to do so. That type of freedom isn’t presented to us on a daily basis. It’s not handed out, or encouraged. But these women, that’s what they live for. The little sliver of a golden moment of adrenaline and inspiration behind breaking the norm.

The ladies of Babes Ride Out spend their lives as “abnormal”. Black sheep in cities and towns of people that fail to understand the mentality behind a free spirit. Here we were, a herd of black sheep. For that weekend we forgot that the rest of the world didn’t look like us, or think like us. We were all beautiful, accepted, loved, and free.

About The Author

In early 2015, Victoria Merideth was a twenty one year old aspiring dirt bike rider who described herself as “a broke kid with a crappy truck, no bike, and a passion for Moto.” Less than a year later she’s living the dream: working in the motorcycle biz, riding a Harley-Davidson Sportster, and being an active part of the motorcycle community. Victoria Merideth is making it happen, and it’s all good.

Babes Ride Out - Motorcycles

Babes Ride Out - Gas Station

Babes Ride Out - Motorcycle Camping

Babes Ride Out

Babes Ride Out - Tent

Babes Ride Out - Camping

Babes Ride Out - Snack Time

Babes Ride Out - Joshua Tree Motorcycle Ride

Babes Ride Out - Joshua Tree Ride

Babes Ride Out - Motorcycle Ride

Babes Ride Out - The Girls

Written and submitted by Victoria Merideth. Be sure to follow Victoria on Instagram and Like her on Facebook. And if you still haven’t read our past articles with Victoria, check those out now.

Photography by Victoria Merideth and Tina Stiff (The Dusty Coyote).

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