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Best GPS for Motorcyclists Garmin Zumo 390 LM

The Best Motorcycle GPS, Ever

GPS units already come with great features for motorcyclists. Find the road ahead of you closed or unpaved? No problem, there’s an alternate route button. Running out of gas and need to find the nearest service station? There’s a button for that too. Want to set some way points of cool places your friends have suggested you check out? That’s relatively easy too. These are features that have been around in motorcycle GPS units of all makes for ages now. We took it one step further. Little by little better options for motorcyclists found their way to us, including water proof and water resistant functionality and pairing to Bluetooth units so you could hear directions in your helmet.

… and then they took it even further, and they made, quite possibly, the best motorcycle GPS units, ever.

Ladies and gents, introducing Garmin’s latest must-have for motorcyclists, the Garmin Zumo 390LM. It comes with more features than your motorcycle riding buddies, so if they aren’t willing to come out with you just pack a sandwich, power up your Zumo, and leave those wimps behind.

What is the best motorcycle GPS of all time? Here are 10 reasons why we think the Garmin Zumo 390LM might just be the best GPS for motorcyclists, ever.

1) The 4.3″ display is not only readable in sunlight, but glove-friendly as well. No need to take off gloves or taking your hands off of the handlebar.

2) This thing is built to last. It’s built tough, waterproof to IPX7, and resistant to UV rays and fuel spills. Go ahead, throw some gas on it!

3) It keeps track of your bike maintenance. Built in service history log is perfect for the techy who’s brain comes with no internal memory.

4) Free lifetime map updates. No more paying for subscriptions or running outdated maps.

5) Hands free directions and phone control via Bluetooth. Great for systems like your Scala Bluetooth headset.

Motorcycle GPS Navigation

6) It finds the twisties for you. That’s right, while most GPS units will tell you to take the boring straight line highways, you can tell the Garmin Zumo 390LM to take you on the twisty road to whever you’re headed. Whoever said technology wasn’t beautiful?

7) Easy monitoring of tire pressure. You can pick up the Tire Pressure Monitor Sensor valve stem caps and the Zumo 390LM will let you know what your tire pressure is, no more need to check manually. This should help prolong tire wear for those who neglect their rubber.

8) and 9) Garmin Basecamp and Adventures. These allow you to preprogram your route and share your motorcycle adventures from your computer to your GPS unit or the world. With options like track logs, waypoints, photo geotagging, YouTube videos, trip ratings, reviews, and routes shared by other motorcyclists, Garmin’s software options are each worth a point on our list.

10) Really smart extras come standard. Does your motorcycle have a fuel gage and if so how would you rate its accuracy? The Zumo 390LM has a digital fuel gage to help you keep track of your distance traveled. If you take extended trips you’ll be happy to know that the Zumo also comes with both car mount and wall mount power cables so as long as you have a motorcycle outlet on your bike you can charge your Zumo while you ride. Lastly, the Zumo comes with a built-in speed limit indicator so you can think about slowing down… or not.

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  1. NICE!. But, did you see the price!!!… Holy Molly!…

  2. Yeah…..but, heh……what’s $699 between friends!?!
    How much would it cost to hire a “tour guide” for every trip you ever took.
    This looks like a bargain by comparison.

    Remember, you only live once! …….Unless you’re a Hindu…..in which case: infinite reincarnation!

  3. you may only live once but if you do it right, once is enoough…ride.

  4. Considering buying one but the comments are so contradictory to each other on ease of reading in sunlight not sure who to trust.

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