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Bikers Are Awesome: Switch Riders Video

Bikers Are Awesome: Switch Riders Video

Bikers Are Awesome: Switch Riders VideoLet’s face it: it doesn’t take anything to stand on the soap box and declare yourself awesome. Anyone can talk the talk, but it takes a special something to live up to the hype. I’m not sure if that something is confidence, coolness, or cojones. Maybe it’s planning, perservearance, and practice. Maybe greatness is the sum of a whole lot of things aligning just right for you, like all of the gears turning in synch in your favorite motorcycle motor.

You’re about to watch an incredible motorcycle stunting video with over five million hits. It’s titled “Bikers Are Awesome”, and as far as I’m concerned it lives up to the hype. The three riders (Jeremy Merires, Thomas Sagnier, Kevin Parussini) from Switch Riders are incredibly talented. They exhibit a tremendous amount of balance, control, precision, and timing. This isn’t just a motorcycle stunting video, it’s the benchmark for all motorcycle stunting videos to come.

If real life was Top Gun you could be as cool and confident as Ice Man, or as cojones-driven as Maverick. If Stallone’s more your type, you could be the ‘work hard until you get it’ underdog like Rocky. The reality is that whatever the case, sometimes you crash, hard.

We all have that perception of what we’d like to be. It’s how we try to present ourselves. The reality is that life isn’t always a series of wins, no matter how Awesome we declare ourselves, and no matter how much of that something we’ve got inside. Ice Man needed Maverick to save him. Maverick couldn’t save his co-pilot. Rocky lost fights.

I didn’t decide to make a post about this video wasn’t because the bikers were awesome and have a special something. I decided to share the video because of the outtakes: These guys weren’t afraid to show the things that went wrong. They showed the ‘OUCH!’ moments that come with getting that awesome. I respect that.

Sometimes you need to fall off your motorcycle, just to remember how tall you stand when you pick your bike back up.

If you have any great motorcycle videos (stunting or not), please, please, share them in a comment below, thanks!

Adrian S.

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