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Bikini Bike Wash - Feedback

Bikini Bike Washes: Your Feedback

Last week I shared Bikini Bike Washes: Attraction or Deterrent? I shared my reasons for not partaking in bikini bike washes as well as Liz’s concerns about the negative impact bikini bike washes could have on a business or event… and then I took it to the streets.

By took it to the streets, I mean we asked a few men and women on the internet what they thought.

Twitter - Bikini Motorcycle Wash

Twitter - Bikini Bike Wash

Facebook - Bikini Motorcycle Wash

Finally, my only contribution to the discussion – besides what you’ve already read here – is a little word of advice to the women… and maybe a little word of advice to the men too… It’s a silly world. Be careful out there.

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  1. My life-long approach to bike washes or car washes is: AVOID them like the plague.

    Why? Whether it’s kids at a charity, a “soft-touch” drive thru or the Cool Hand Luke chick with sponge-clad, bubble-foaming, slow-motion 36DD’s compressing like love-pancakes against the windshield…..I do NOT want any THING or any ONE grinding dirt into my vehicles.

    Call me anal (I love when you talk dirty)….but the paint on both my ’04 Bimmer and my ’03 Yammy is still showroom new because I’ve only EVER hand washed them……..myself……..lovingly………as ONLY an owner can or will!

  2. I stay away, afraid I’d be like a Starvin’ Dog in a Meat House. A very old Dog btw.

  3. I don’t support dealerships that do this and I am really not keen on seeing scantilly clad girls at bike shows either. We are better than this and should be well beyond sexual objectification.

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