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BlackWidow Pneumatic Table Lift Front Extension Installation

BlackWidow Pneumatic Table Lift Front Extension Installation

Aside from my motorcycles, the BlackWidow pneumatic motorcycle table lift from DiscountRamps is by far my favorite thing in my garage. It’s taken everything I’ve thrown on it (and spilled on it). Almost. I have a repeat customer with a 2010 Honda Fury and his motorcycle doesn’t fit! Luckily, DiscountRamps offers a Table Lift Extension for the BlackWidow table lift so you can make your table 14″ longer, to fit custom choppers and drag bikes like the Honda Fury.

Today we’ll be going over how to install the Black Widow Table Lift Front Extension. Check out the video below or feel free to check out the Questions and Answers and installation instructions down below.

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How do we get the Honda Fury on the Black Widow motorcycle table lift?

DiscountRamps sells a front extension for the Blackwidow motorcycle table lift so you can easily add an extra 14” of length to your Black Widow table lift.

Once you’ve bought and received your table lift extension, the basic steps are:

  • Step 1: Remove the vice – you’ll be moving it forward on to the extension
  • Step 2: Remove the side extensions – if you have them
  • Step 3: Install the front extension – everything you need is in the kit
  • Step 4: Re-Install everything – including the vice and optional side extensions

You can click this link to buy the front extension from DiscountRamps.

Step 1: Remove the vice

The first thing you’ll want to do is remove the front wheel vice from your table lift. The front vice will be moved forward on to the new front extension piece, which already has pre-drilled holes for your bolts to go through.

I used a hand wrench around the nut, and a drill with a $3 socket adapter on the bolts. With this setup, removing all of the nuts and bolts holding your wheel vice to the table is a breeze.

Step 2: Remove the side extensions

Motorcycle table lift front extension - Step 2 - Remove the sides

If you bought Extra-Wide version of the Black Widow than your Pneumatic Motorcycle Lift Table, then it will have side extensions, and you’ll need to remove them in order to install the front table extension. Note: You don’t have to remove the back ramp completely, but you’ll have to remove the nut and bolt attaching the side extension of the ramp in order to release it.

Step 3: Install the front extension

Motorcycle table lift front extension - Step 3 - Install front extension

To install the front extension on your Black Widow motorcycle table lift, simply lower it down and then slide it into place. The front extension comes with a black metal tube. If you have the Black Widow Pneumatic Motorcycle Lift Table without the side extension, use the black metal tube to that came with the front extension to secure it. If you have the Extra Wide lift, just ignore the shorter metal tube and use the one you removed earlier.

Step 4: Re-Install Everything

Motorcycle table lift front extension - Step 4 - Re-Install everything

Now is the time to put everything back together, that includes bolting the wheel vice to the front extension, putting the side extensions on if you have them, and securing them in place.

If you aren’t using the anchors that your table lift comes with, I suggest replacing them with clevis pins going through the black metal tubes and cotter pins to secure them in place. This setup is used to support trailers that weigh thousands of pounds, so you don’t have to worry about it failing. While it’s incredibly strong for keeping your metal tubes in place, it will also save you a few minutes every time you want to take your side extensions off so that you can be closer to what you’re working on.

Questions and Answers

How was getting the Honda Fury up the table lift after the extension was installed?

Getting the long Honda Fury up on the table lift was a piece of cake! Because the lift was equipped with side extensions as well, I simply rode the Fury right up onto the lift and into position. You can check out the video to see how it went. If buying side-extensions is out of your budget, you can also learn to make your own table lift side extensions like I did on my old motorcycle lift. You can also read my Honda Fury test ride review here.

Honda Fury motorcycle table lift

Is the BlackWidow table lift too short?

It’s not that the BlackWidow pneumatic table lift is too short, I’ve easily had at least 100 motorcycles on it over the last few years. The issue is that the Honda Fury is too long. The Honda Fury is a factory custom, meaning it’s Honda’s own factory-built chopper. It’s longer than 99% of motorcycles on the road.

The usable space on the BlackWidow table lift is roughly 79”, whereas the Fury needs at least 82” to support lifting it safely. Stretched out choppers and drag race motorcycles tend to be a lot longer than even full size Harley-Davidson touring motorcycles. Those big baggers fit on the lift just fine, but custom drag racers and chopper styles of motorcycles will not.

How hard is it to install the Black Widow pneumatic table lift?

Installing the table lift is actually fairly easy and requires only minimal tools. Two adjustable wrenches, or a wrench and a socket set will be enough. The lift comes with instructions that are both well-written and easy to follow. In case that isn’t good enough, I created a video showing you step by step how to setup a Black Widow motorcycle table lift. I have a video to show you how to install it:

Is the BlackWidow pneumatic table lift a good motorcycle table lift?

Yes, absolutely. I gave the BlackWidow motorcycle table lift a glowing endorsement just a few months ago because I absolutely believe in this product a top choice, especially at it’s price point. For how much abuse I have given it, and continue to give it, as soon as I clean it this table lift looks like new again.

The finish is terrific, where functionality is concerned the lift has never failed me, and in terms of flexibility, being able to add so many extensions to it means I can have anything from a little Vespa up to an ATV or a big chopper on it. Here’s my review after extensive testing:

How do I clean a BlackWidow Motorcycle Table Lift?

You should check out my video at the top of this page, in it I show you how easily I clean my BlackWidow Extra-Wide Pneumatic Motorcycle Lift. All I use is a few sprays of Goo-Gone and some paper towel.

How much weight can this Black Widow motorcycle table lift take?

My BW-1000A-XW BlackWidow Extra-Wide Pneumatic Motorcycle Lift can lift up to 1,000 lbs. That means whether you have a bike like a Harley-Davidson Road Glide, or a Honda Goldwing, you can lift it with this motorcycle table lift.

Note: The air compressor that you use with your table lift is going to have a big impact on your table lift’s performance. We use a 21 gallon Central Pneumatic air compressor that you can pick up for about $200 from Harbor Freight. Smaller air compressors will do the job, but they’ll take longer to lift your motorcycle, especially if it’s heavy.

What are some downsides of the BlackWidow Pneumatic Motorcycle Lift?

Now that I’ve added the front extension I’m very happy with my motorcycle lift. You can check out my full review of the motorcycle lift. I only had a couple complaints, but overall I love this thing a little more every day I use it.

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