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Can You Drive Around With an Expired Registration?

Driving with outdated registration tags is against the law in every state in the USA. Even if you are not currently operating the vehicle, you may be subject to a fine in jurisdictions requiring current registration tags.

Your vehicle must be registered and insured at all times. Every motor vehicle used in a public place shall be registered in accordance with Section 401 of the Vehicle and Traffic Law, and the registration shall be renewed annually. To get your car’s registration renewed yearly you must first pass a mandatory safety examination.

The expiration of your registration tag can land you in trouble regardless of whether or not you are operating your vehicle at the time. If you park your automobile on the street, a police officer can still check its registration status by running its license plate.

You should renew your registration and pay any fines or fees on time to prevent getting pulled over. If you don’t do that, though, here’s what you can look forward to.

What Happens if I Get Pulled Over for Expired or Missing Tags?

A fine is the most likely outcome of getting pulled over for expired or missing tags. Fine amounts vary by jurisdiction. Your fine could be issued without your appearing in court.

There are some states where you have to show up in court to pay a fine. You can skip this court hearing if you have already taken care of the problem—paid your license plate renewal fees, for example. Failure to show up in court may add additional charges to your credit report.

Even after receiving fines and other warnings, being arrested and sentenced to jail time is possible if you continue to drive without valid license plate tags.

What Is the Process for Renewing My License Plate Tags?

There is no uniform procedure across the United States for renewing license plates. You can renew your license plates by mail in some states, while in others, you must go in person to the licensing office.

You can sign up for an annual automatic withdrawal in some states. Credit card, vehicle registration, and title information are typically required. Following are valid ways to renew car registration Florida;

Online Renewal

Online renewal is available up to one year after the original expiration date. To succeed, you must have the following;

  • Your registration (plate) number
  • Your registration class
  • The registrant’s surname (or business name).
  • A credit or debit card without a pin to pay the fee – The cost is detailed on your renewal notice and will appear on your screen during the online renewal process.

Office Renewal

The Department of motor vehicles allows car registration renewals in person for all drivers and vehicles; however, appointments are required.

You’ll receive a reminder to renew your registration 45 days prior to its expiration date. To commence the renewal process, bring your renewal invitation to the office. If you fail to get an invite, bring a valid photo ID.

Mail Renewal

If a renewal notice has been sent to you, send the bottom portion of your registration renewal notification (MV-3 or OP-3) to the address specified. Please enclose a check or money order made to the “Commissioner of Motor Vehicles” to cover the cost.

Lacking a renewal notice? Use the Vehicle Registration / Title Application. Submit a check made out to the “Commissioner of Motor Vehicles,” but leave the amount blank if you are unsure of the right amount needed to renew.

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