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Does a Liquid Cooled Motorcycle Engine Work Well in the Winter?

The short answer is, of course! A liquid cooled motorcycle engine works just fine in the winter! Just look at your car, or if you have one, a snowmobile. If both are fairly modern, they are definitely liquid cooled, and they definitely run in the winter. Here’s a little more info on how liquid cooled motorcycle engines run in the winter time.

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Motorcycle Safety Tips

Motorcycle Safety

User Submission: Al Wells shares his experience and offers advice on how to avoid road rage and traffic accidents.

Education is sometimes defined as a “planned experience, designed to bring about a change of behaviour.”

We are all teachers! Don't believe me? Check your self-talk the next time that idiot in the cage cuts you off! You will likely find yourself saying “I'll teach that ... .... a lesson” with some added colourful and graphic expletives that would make a sailor proud! Our imaginations then go into overtime to find some creative “plan of action” that will “bring about a change of behaviour” such as a heavy boot finding its way through the driver's side window.

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The Ultimate Guide to Stop Helmet Visor Fogging

The Ultimate Guide to Solving Fogging Problem of Your Motorcycle Helmet Visor

Fog on your motorcycle helmet visor is not only annoying but can be a serious safety risk. A foggy helmet visor stops riders from seeing clearly, and slows down reaction time. Luckily, there are many anti-fog solutions, and they come in four main varieties. Depending on their formulas, anti-fog solutions offer either a temporary or permanent fix. In this Ultimate Guide to Stopping Helmet Visor Fogging, we’re going to explore the four different types of anti-fog solutions.

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