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Vintage Scooters Painting

Cheap Motorcycle Paintings

Motorcycling isn’t just a sport, a hobby, or a method of transportation. To many motorcyclists, riding is a lifestyle, a passion, a life-long love affair. Growing up and growing old shouldn’t mean having to sell that love short. My years of hanging posters on my walls are somewhere in the distance in my chrome rear view mirrors. Nowadays I’m looking for motorcycle paintings to hang up on my walls, preferably cheap motorcycle paintings that match my decor. Here’s where to find them.

Over the past year I’ve shared my quest to becoming a home owner. I wrote about my trouble finding a house fit for a motorcyclist in a city like Toronto. I wrote about selling my condo, and the woman I thought I’d spend the rest of my life with. I wrote about how I managed to afford a house when I was twenty-five years old, and how you can too.

Note: All Etsy links in this article are equipped with a special affiliate link that gives you $5 off of your first purchase, and also gives me $5 for referring you. There’s no hidden or extra costs, and we both win.

I finally moved in seven months ago. I’ve renovated two kitchens, a washroom, and a few other odds and ends. If you’ve ever bought a house, you know it takes a while to make a house a home, and then it takes a little longer to make a home your home… and part of that can be done by putting some art up on the walls.

I knew Etsy was the place to go for awesome motorcycle gifts ever since I wrote about the site on bikerMetric. I just didn’t realize that Etsy was also a great source of cheap motorcycle paintings.

My first bike was a scooter. I taught myself how to ride and have owned four scooters over the years. The first piece I bought was a row of vintage Vespa scooters with classic white wall tires.

Vintage Scooters Painting

My second floor hallway is yellow and besides a large African tribal mask and a picture of my father and I, it’s pretty empty. For $116 USD, this four foot wide oil painting will cover a long empty wall and give the hallway some character. Thanks to ArtworkOnly on Etsy.

Ever since I first saw the Harley-Davidson V-Rod, I wanted one. Even while working in the motorcycle industry with no affiliation with Harley-Davidson I had a V-Rod poster up in my office. The V-Rod is quintessential muscle cruiser. Long, low, and mean looking. The V-Rod is a stone cold stunner. When I was scrolling through cheap motorcycle paintings and came across this one I just had to have it:

Harley-Davidson V-Rod Cheap Motorcycle Paintings

The V-Rod is going in my bedroom. Can you tell I’m single? My bedroom is a rich blood orange colour with white trim throughout, and this piece should look great. Shipping was free for both items, and once again I’m giving a big thank you to ArtworkOnly on Etsy.

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Page 2: Our Top 4 Picks for Paintings and Artwork
Page 3: 5 Tips for Buying Cheap Motorcycle Paintings on Etsy

Other Great Cheap Motorcycle Paintings

Don’t worry, I didn’t snag all of the best cheap motorcycle paintings, there’s a lot of great motorcycle paintings and motorcycle art on the site. Here are some other favorite picks:

Note: All Etsy links in this article are equipped with a special affiliate link that gives you $5 off of your first purchase, and also gives me $5 for referring you. There’s no hidden or extra costs, and we both win.

Top Pick for Under $50: BMW R60/2 Special 1965 Blueprint ($28 and up)

BMW R60/2 Special 1965 Blueprint

Top Pick for Under $100: Motorcycles Dream Oil Painted on Canvas ($67 and up)

Motorcycle Dream Oil Painting

Top Pick for Under $150: Easy Rider Motorcycle Painting ($139)

Easyrider Motorcycle Painting

Top Pick for Under $200: Motorcycle Racer Oil Painting ($172)

Motorcycle Racer Oil Painting

No direct links to each piece of artwork as this post will be up on the internet long after all of these paintings have been sold and new ones have been added, so if you’re interested just check out Etsy and have a look around.

5 Tips for Cheap Motorcycle Paintings Shopping on Etsy

Note: All Etsy links in this article are equipped with a special affiliate link that gives you $5 off of your first purchase, and also gives me $5 for referring you. There’s no hidden or extra costs, and we both win.
  • 1) Take your time. You might want to try searching for motorbike as well as for motorcycle. Etsy is huge, and not everyone is using keywords.
  • 2) Make sure you know what you’re getting. Some artwork pieces are just reprints, not originals. Don’t be afraid to send the seller a message if the product info page isn’t clear on what it is you’re getting. Generally I’ve always gotten replies within a few hours.
  • 3) Measure twice, order once. Know what size piece you’re buying, and what size wall you’re buying it for.
  • 4) Think about colors. You should consider the colors of your walls, trims, and other decor pieces and accents where you’ll be mounting your painting.
  • 5) Don’t forget about mounting. Some paintings will come pre-mounted and ready to be hung on your walls as soon as you’ve unwrapped them. Other pieces will simply be rolled up in a tube and you’ll have to spend the time and money it takes to get them mounted. Budget accordingly.
That’s it! Check out these 5 awesome motorcycle gifts on Etsy, and happy hunting. Enjoy the site!

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