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Contribute to YouMotorcycle

YouMotorcycle is filled with motorcycle related reviews, adventures, stories, event coverage, comments, discussions, and input from motorcycle riders across the world. Why not consider adding yours to the mix by contributing to the site?

We’re always looking to add new riders to our digital group ride. We invite you to submit your own motorcycle-related article to us. Get your bike, yourself, and your story in front of an audience of over 30,000 motorcyclists each month.

James Bishop on his Suzuki DR650 SE

Helpful Hints for Contributors

Why will people read your article?
Because your article is informative and/or entertaining. Your article shares your expertise or your experience on a topic.

What should I write about?
That’s the beauty of it. Like any meeting of riders, everyone brings unique experiences, perspectives and skills to the table. Some examples of things to write about include:


How long should it be?
On the web, attention spans are short, but quality is in short supply as well. Try to keep your stories or reviews within 800 to 1200 words.

What should my tone be?
Conversational. We’re all riders here. You’re among your peers, and you’re in good company. We’re all equals.

We love pictures. After you submit your story, we’ll contact you and ask for some.

KLK Cycles at the Chicago Motorcycle Show

For Businesses and Professionals
YouMotorcycle was the reason I was able to launch a career in the motorcycle industry. Authors featured on the site have seen 300% increases in the sales of their books. Businesses and products being featured (reviewed or giveaways) on YouMotorcycle have similarly seen spikes in click through and check-out traffic. Riders looking for work and sponsorships have been able to leverage their content on the site to further pursue their cause.

More Great Reasons to Contribute
Ever noticed large corporate magazines never publish a bad review? They tread lightly. They don’t want to disturb advertisers by being too honest with their opinions. We’re not like that. We strive to maintain a website that will be appreciated by those who see motorcycling as a lifestyle and not simply a hobby, a sport or a method of transportation. Write your review as honestly as you want to. Be a part of the by-motorcyclists-for-motorcyclists movement.

Getting published immortalizes your thoughts, your bike, your story. Once it’s up there, it lives forever. It becomes a part of your legacy. There are some more immediate benefits of contributing as well:

  • It gets you into media day events
  • It gets you free stuff
  • It gets you into motorcycle shows for free
  • It gets you in front of a readership of over 30,000 motorcyclists visiting the site each month
  • You might just be making the world a better place
  • It gives you a great venue to share what you’re doing with your friends

How to Submit Your Article?

You’re a motorcyclist. You have opinions, experiences, and great stories that are worth sharing. You’ve seen and done some fantastic things. Get them out there. Make them last forever. Use the form below to say hi and contact us with your story, we’ll take care of the rest.

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    Ride safe,

    The YouMotorcycle Team

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