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V-Twin Pug

This Pug Does a Better Cruiser Impression Than You

We normally pride ourselves on posting top quality informative content for those who take motorcycling as a way of life …but… I bet this pug does a better V-Twin cruiser impression than you do!

In other (much more important) news I discovered a website where you can lend money to entrepreneurs in third world countries to help them out. At the end of a given amount of time, you get your loan back in full. The website is called Kiva. I came across Kiva today on my lunch and found this story of a woman in the Philippines trying to buy some motorcycle parts for her motorcycle transportation business.

Check it out:

Estrella has two children. She is a very hardworking entrepreneur. Estrella is 49 years old, and she works very hard to support her family.

Estrella has a motorcycle transport business in the Philippines and requested a 8,000 PHP (Philippines pesos) loan amount through NWTF to buy spare parts and other materials to use in her business.

Estrella has been in this business for two years. In the future, Estrella would like to save enough money to provide a secure future for her family.

Can’t argue with that. When I saw the page on my lunch Estrella had received $100 of the $200 she needed. I vowed to go home and lend her the rest after work. Fortunately/unfortunately by the time I got home today Estrella had already been fully funded. Here’s her picture, along with a link to Kiva.

Ride safe and give generously!


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  1. Magnificent simulation! Although (s)he DOES sound a little more like a rice-burner than a genuine Harley…..which, although I ride a Yamaha, WOULD be more fun!)
    IS his name Harley, by the way? Or, Venture? Or V-Star? They all “work” for me! :-)

  2. RT @YouMotorcycle: This Pug Does a Better Cruiser Impression Than You https://t.co/Y3nGOs3bLc

  3. RT @YouMotorcycle: This Pug Does a Better Cruiser Impression Than You https://t.co/Y3nGOs3bLc

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