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Does Anyone Else Cry Over Their Favorite Bike?

Does your favorite motorcycle mean the world to you, or is it just me? You could be normal, I could be weird, it’s possible. Maybe it’s just me, but the way I see it, any prospective lover should hope that he or she will one day be as loved by us as our motorcycles are. Period. Is that a weird thing to say? Have I lost you yet? Stay with me…

See, it might sound crazy to some, but in my mind my favorite motorcycle – I have a few, but my favorite one – made me who I am today. Here’s an excerpt from a story I wrote four years ago, called Motorcycles Changed My Life, and Saskatchewan Sucks. The Saskatchewan part is irrelevant to this story, so ignore it, or go read the full version, what’s important is that in this article I talked about the impact of motorcycling on my growth and development as a human being. I’m talking about the modifications and upgrades that my first motorcycle did on me:

Motorcycling gave me confidence I’d never had before.

Learning to ride a motorcycle released me from my introversion. I finally had something I could take pride in and get continuously better at. There was something that made me feel really happy. Under my helmet (a size or two too large) lived a permanent smile.

Something strange happened too. I became different, and interesting. At some point I started sharing my riding adventures online. People were attracted to or at least interested in the motorcycle. Everyone wanted to talk about it. Even really beautiful girls! Girls that I admired from a distance but would never even waste the effort of trying to talk to. We talked daily now… Conversations that they started!

You could say motorcycling launched my career.

I applied to a job as a Marketing Coordinator in the motorcycle industry while I was finishing up university. I provided statistics from my websites as part of my application to demonstration my success in targeting motorcyclists and building a following through online mediums.

Despite having absolutely no work experience and still being a student, I got the job! I worked in the motorcycle industry for over two years. Within a month or so of leaving I was called in to interview for a job I hadn’t even applied to, declined, and was offered a better job by the same company which I happily accepted.

If it weren’t for motorcycling… I wouldn’t have half as much.

I wouldn’t have the confidence to be the outgoing, fun, and happy person that I am. I wouldn’t have had anything particularly stellar to make me a catch for a good company. I wouldn’t have gotten the chance to prove myself and start making money right out of university. I wouldn’t have been able to be a home owner at age 25.

See, this motorcycle, it might have just been a little 250cc, but she made me grow. She gave me so much more than I ever would have thought possible. So if after all that you want to know the latest chapter in this story, and maybe see a grown man get watery eyed on camera, check out this quick 3 minute video I shot last week:

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Adrian is the YouMotorcycle Editor. He never planned on becoming a blogger, but liked the idea of sharing his passion and encouraging others to get out and ride. He believes that anyone thinking about buying a motorcycle should hurry up and buy one, and that everyone who already owns a motorcycles should ride more. He likes V-Twins, scooters, and breaking social norms. He occasionally wears a suit and high-top sneakers when he rides to work. Sometimes he takes out his tools and everything goes from bad to worse. Sometimes everything just falls into his lap. Whatever the case he stays grateful and always tries to learn. If you feel motorcycling is a lifestyle, follow him via social media.


  1. Well dunno about crying over a favourite bike but I do still have this recurring dream about a 1981 Moto Guzzi 850T3 California I used to own. I traded the bike in at a local dealership in 1985 and in the dream, I open my garage door and….there she sits! I hear myself say “I didn’t sell her after all!” but as I take a step into the garage, keys in hand, I wake up!

    I’ve had that dream SO many times and it NEVER changes. Funny thing is, I have checked the registration numbers of ALL my old bikes and there is only one still in existence and STILL being ridden. You’ve guessed it..that Guzzi ! I hope the current owner is getting as much enjoyment from that bike as I did!

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