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Donald Trump Just Tweeted About Bikers Again… and It’s Great

The President of the United States has just tweeted “TOUGH GUYS FOR TRUMP!” along with a video of a biker almost getting run off the road.

Am I the only one who didn’t know that the “J” in Donald J. Trump stands for Jokes? The POTUS seems to have a mixed relationship with the motorcycle community. We’ve already covered how Trump’s trade war may have played a significant part in the closing of Harley-Davidson’s Kansas City plant. It seems like Trump seems to like talking about motorcycles and bikers quite a bit. Here’s his latest:

And a little screenshot because I have a feeling this tweet will be deleted one day.

Tough guys for trump tweet

SPOILER AHEAD: The video is from the TV show _______ and features an old man driving his electric BMW pint-sized car, and then cutting off a stereotypical “biker type” who has to swerve to avoid a collision.

In a fit of rage at the sheer carelessness of the driver, the motorcyclists starts swearing at the driver. We’ve all been there. The biker takes it one step further by pulling up next to the driver and swearing at him aggressively. The car driver is apologetic, but the motorcyclist is having none of it.

Suddenly, the car driver turns around, puts on a red “Make America Great Again” baseball cap, turns to face the motorcyclist, says “I’m sorry, I didn’t see ya.” The motorcyclist sees the hat on and says “Just be more careful next time, okay?” and rides off.

And that’s where the clip ends on Trump’s tweet. However, that’s not the extent of the Make America Great Again hat in the episode. User michaelbeatty3 shared the full clip:

In the clip, the electric BMW driver listens as a coworker discusses someone he dislikes being around: “I see him walking around town, with that hat, ‘Make America Great Again’, I don’t need that crap. He just, he makes me wanna not be anywhere near him.” It seems to inspire the eco-friendly character.

In the next scene, the car driver is at a restaurant table wearing his Make America Great Again, clearly at a lunch meeting he doesn’t want to be at, asking if Ethiopia is “one of those ‘shithole countries’?” as every patron in the restaurant looks on.

The following scene, at another restaurant, the hat is used to avoid having anyone sit next to him at the sushi bar. After that is when we finally we get our motorcycle confrontation scene.

Another user, SantaInc reports: “Wow, talk about not getting the joke. Literally 5 min later in the episode: “It’s a great people repellent.”

I’ll stop right here so we don’t get into politics too much, but no matter which way you swing, you have to appreciate the humor and irony in this one…

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  1. Funny…I always thought the “J” stood for jerk-off. But, heh, that’s just me. (Well, me and apparently a little over half the voters in the Excited States!)

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