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FEARLESS: Engrained is Next Week!

FEARLESS is an annual exhibit put on by Dan Lim (@TheMotoFoto). Toronto area motorcyclists should come out: Dan’s shots are always particular and artistic, and this year’s FEARLESS personifies the passion and unity of the local two-wheel community.

Dan Lim is an established, award-winning professional photographer whose work has graced the pages of many magazines and billboards. Known for his prolific work in the fashion industry, he has combined his passion for motorcycles with his expertise in image making to create FEARLESS.

To date, FEARLESS has raised over $20,000 for Diabetes Canada from the motorcycle community via donations and a silent auction of the photos on exhibit. They always look phenomenal

Event details: Thursday, September 20th from 7:00-11:00pm at District 28, 28 Logan Ave.  Toronto, ON

Visit www.FearlessTO.com for more information and be part of the conversation by using hashtag #FearlessTO.

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