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Free Motorcycle Shop Kit

Free Motorcycle Shop Kit (Table Lift & More) Giveaway

A chance to win a free motorcycle shop kit, including table lift, dolly, and more? Sign me up! For anyone who’s ever done their own motorcycle maintenance or wants to get started in that world, this one’s for you. When Alex at Discount Ramps first told me this contest was coming up, I knew this was too good to miss out. Today the contest has officially started, so I wanted to share it with all of you ASAP.

Read below to find out what’s included and why I’m already so jealous of whoever’s going to win this thing.

Intro to Discount Ramps

For those new to the site, Discount Ramps is a company I’ve worked with a lot in the past. They offer some top tier quality quality parts, at a heavily discounted price-point. For example, we recently reviewed their Black Widow Motorcycle Wheel Chock and found that it offered more flexibility and adaptability than the competition, at roughly 1/3 the price (text + video reviews are here).

What you get

In typical Discount Ramps fashion, these guys are loading up the value on their giveaway. Here’s what the winner will be receiving:

  • Black Widow ProLift Heavy-Duty Air/Hydraulic Motorcycle Lift Table
  • Tire bead breaker
  • Wheel balancer and truing stand
  • Steel cruiser and chopper motorcycle dolly (check out our review on this Black Widow Aluminum Motorcycle Dolly)
  • Shop seat
  • 2” tie-down strap kit with two cam straps
  • 2 x ratchet straps
  • Four soft loops
  • Rechargeable LED work light
  • Deltran Battery Tender® Junior High Efficiency Charger

The total value of this kit is around $1,500 USD, or about $2,000 CAD. It has all the shop equipment you need to work on your bike, store your bike (even in a tight space), do your own tire changes, maintain your bike over the winter, and generally just be the envy of every other motorcyclist in the world… for FREE!

Enter to Win

Why table lifts are kick-ass

If you’ve been watching my videos on YouTube, you’ll know that I use my old motorcycle table lift and my new BlackWidow table lift for something every week. It practically doubles as a shop table for me as my garage is tight on space, and the height-adjustable nature of a motorcycle table lift makes it really handy for motorcycle maintenance as well as other projects. This season alone I’ve used my table lift for:

  • Oil changes
  • A handlebar change
  • Installing new grips
  • Inspections
  • Spark plug changes
  • Wiring and lighting work

And more literally every weekend (you can catch the latest, here). No more working on the floor. No more cramped uncomfortable positions. No more needed to work in filthy clothes to avoid ruining my shirts and pants. Getting a table lift was one of the best things I could do for my garage (and my closet).

How to enter

Click the image below and it’ll direct you to the contest entry page. If you don’t think you’ll use or don’t want it, enter to win anyway and I’ll buy it from you, or you can make it a donation to your favorite website. This is your favorite website, right?

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