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Get Motorcycle Insurance

Get motorcycle insurance, see what you can afford, and find out what insurance is best for you.

This page is Step 1 in our How to buy your first motorcycle series of articles. The series will walk you through everything from getting insurance quotes and your motorcycle license, to choosing the right motorcycle and how best to buy it, as well as finding motorcycle gear and accessories that fit you, your bike, and your budget. We recommend starting this guide from its Start Page.

For new riders, the costs of motorcycle insurance can be a surprise. Younger riders in particular may find that their annual motorcycle insurance premium may cost as much as their motorcycle did. Finding out what insurance is before you buy is important because young or old, the first year riding will be your most expensive year riding. Don’t jump the gun and start riding before you can afford it, or you’ll be tempted to go cheap on insurance, gear, and a safe reliable machine. Making any of those mistakes can cost you in the long run.

What you should know – Motorcycle insurance rates in Ontario are subject to:

  • Age
  • Driving history (convictions, accidents and claims)
  • How long you’ve held a valid motorcycle class license
  • What class of motorcycle you intend on insuring (supersports are most expensive, some are even blacklisted and non-insurable in Canada)
  • The displacement size of the motorcycle (engine size is generally measured in Cubic Centimeters or CC)
  • The amount of coverage you choose to get.

Where to get motorcycle insurance from.

What to do? Get quotes for different displacement sizes and classes of motorcyles. This way, when shopping around, you’ll have a better of idea of how each bike fits into your budget. Sample motorcycles to request quotes for: 2008 Kawasaki Ninja 250, 2005 Kawasaki Vulcan 500, 2004 Honda Shadow 750, 2004 Honda CBR-600. The CBR isn’t beginner-friendly, but you’re the type who has wet dreams over crotch-rockets it’ll give you the reality check on the high rates of insurance of these kinds of bikes.

Whether or not you already had some kind of idea of the type of motorcycle you wanted, when you get your quotes, you’ll find out:
a) Whether or not you can afford to ride right now
b) A rough idea of how much different sizes and types of motorcycles would cost you to insure.

Who should you call for motorcycle insurance? Here’s are two tree made by VifferFun from GTAMotorcycle to help you decide. Follow along:

For Sportbikes:



For other motorcycles:


How to contact motorcycle insurance companies and brokers? Boundless @GTAMotorycle created a list of motorcycle-friendly insurance companies and brokers years ago. The list contains website, phone number and even fax information to help you get your quotes. We’ve put it into a Printer-Friendly PDF Document available here: List of Motorcycle Friendly Insurance Companies and Brokers.

Step 1 was lengthy but necessary. We apologize for profusely, but don’t worry Step 2 – How to get your motorcycle license will be much shorter, and will include ALL of the questions your test will ask you. Check it out or go back to our Guide to Buying Your First Motorcycle.

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