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Guy Martin Greatness

Guy Martin Demonstrates Greatness

Because greatness isn’t about a golden throne, expensive bling or even the number one spot on the podium.

Did you ever notice Guy Martin seems to always be smiling, or laughing about something?

Greatness is about being able to sit, on the floor, on the side of the road, by your motorcycle, next to a garbage bin, and be happy. Of course, the British definition of greatness is doing the same thing, only with a cup of tea.

The point is that Guy Martin is doing it right. Time and again he just keeps picking himself up and kicking ass. This guy has something like nine podium finishes at the Isle of Man TT, and no wins, and is still one of the most respected and beloved motorcycle racers around. With his North Lincolnshire accent, most of us only catch about 75% of what he’s saying, but he’s a helluva character, and there is no quit in this man.

UPDATED: Lastly, Guy encompasses one of biggest mottos: Be gracious in victory, and in defeat. Want more proof Guy is an uncrowned champion? Here’s his hat tip to Michael Dunlop yesterday.

Guy Martin Tea

To the YouMotorcycle reader babe who once said to me, “I don’t do garbage.” Sweetheart, the BEST, do garbage.

Props to @DaveGsxr1000 for sharing it on Twitter and @SuperStu18 for retweeting it to us.

Have a great weekend folks, ride safe.

Isle of Man TT video of the week:

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