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The Black Bull pub in Bolton - very cool spot and fun staff
The Black Bull pub in Bolton - very cool spot and fun staff

Hockley Valley General Store and Caledon

Hockley Valley General StoreExploring Caledon and Hockley Valley.

Be sure to check out Hockley Valley Road from Highway 50 westward.
If you’re coming from the east stop by the Black Brull in Bolton!


Be sure to check out the Hockley Valley General Store as well as other roads in the area, but be weary of intersections, you’ll come across gravel, and you aren’t always guaranteed pavement on the other side. When it’s empty, it’s a blast!  On the main streets in Caledon, you’ll find the occasional O.P.P. and Peele Regional depending on your locations. On the smaller roads only frequented by the folk who live that way, it’s fun to go full-throttle. Just be safe, smart, and responsible when you let ‘er rip. Check out these other motorcycle roads and trips we recommend!


Our Little Adventure Map
These are the spots we’ve mapped out, some of our personal favorites for you to check out:
  • Three gas stations with washrooms (plenty more along Airport Rd. and Hurontario as well).
  • The Black Bull.
  • The Badlands.
  • Forks of the Credit Rd.
  • Hockley Rd.
  • Not yet listed: Hockley General Store (we’ll have store hours listed as well).

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