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TT Legends

Honda Isle of Man TT Legends Documentary

Honda’s TT Legends Documentary series follows a team of “legendary motorcycle racers” as they prep for a variety of races and events, including the Isle of Man. It gives a personal take on what’s really involved, leaving you feeling like you really know the riders, and their lives outside of the race track.
A bricklayer, a plumber, these are the guys you wave at as you ride by on your motorcycle. They’re the guys you see at the bar having a beer or few on weekends. By all appearances these are just your average men. Your average men wearing one piece leather outfits, rocketshipping themselves at 300 km/hr towards the finish line.
Honda’s four part video series gives you a look at the lives, thoughts, and motivations of these men.

While the first video introduced us to the boys, this next video shows us the gruelling side of enduro racing, the strain it takes on your body, and the risks motorcycle racers take.

Then came Part 3… at this point I was convinced that the Isle of Man TT Legends series was a great little web documentary. Episode three looks at the pre-season and the fallen but never forgotten Joey Dunlop and a glimpse at his legacy.

… and finally Part 4, the epic thrilling conclusion!

Surprise, it’s not over!

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