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HOV Signs and Lanes for Motorcycles and Scooters

HOV Lane Rules for Motorcycles in Toronto

I came across this article in Studio Cycle Group‘s newsletter. They’re a motorcycle dealership based in my home town Toronto, Canada. I asked for their permission to share it on YouMotorcycle as I thought motorcyclists and scooterists in Toronto might benefit from giving it at least a once-over:

Ever find yourself riding along in traffic and wondering if as a motorcyclist you are legally allowed to use designated HOV lanes? What are the HOV Lane Rules for Motorcycles (and scooters) in Toronto?

According to the MTO, “HOV (High Occupancy Vehicle) lanes are designed to help move more people through congested areas. HOV lanes offer users a faster, more reliable commute, while also easing congestion in regular lanes – by moving more people in fewer vehicles.” So, where and when can motorcycles use them?

Provincial 400 Series Highways HOV lanes:

Vehicles carrying at least 2 people (motorcycle rider + passenger)

Motorcycles with only one rider are NOT permitted

Don’t think it’s fair that motorcycles can’t use provincial HOV lanes unless they are traveling with a passenger? Sign the petition here (no longer active) to allow single rider motorcycles access to those lanes!

Toronto HOV Diamond LaneCity of Toronto HOV Diamond lanes:

Plated motorcycles and motor scooters (single rider or with passenger) are allowed in these lanes

Does NOT include power assisted bicycles / e-bikes

Applies to areas with signage that includes a motorcycle:
Don Mills Rd (between Overlea & Finch)
Dufferin St (between Overbrook & Finch)
Dundas St W (between Etobicoke Creek & Aukland)
Eglinton Ave E (between Leslie & Cedar)
Pape Ave (between Danforth & Millwood)
William R Allen Rd (between Sheppard & Overbrook)
Yonge St (between Bishop & Steeles)

Reference: Click here for Toronto City by-law 378-2008

Big thank you again to Studio Cycle for allowing this part of their email to be shared here. If you’re looking for a motorcycle dealership in the Greater Toronto Area, check them out in the Junction / High Park area.

Have any questions about HOV Lane Rules for Motorcycles (or scooters) in Toronto. Leave a comment below!

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  1. Yeah they need to take a cue from the US and allow motorcycles to use HOV lanes without restriction. And while they’re at it, how about one-upping the US and legalizing lane splitting too? That way maybe it’ll catch on more quickly here than just in California.

  2. Great info thanks. But think about it, by definition, motorcycles are not High Occupancy Vehicles. If you want to be included, the approach should be a rebranding to perhaps, fuel efficiency. I’m sure the people on the bus would be wondering why a motorcycle is driving in the HOV lane.

  3. actually, the motorcycle and bicycle icons seem to indicate they can use the HOV only when NOBODY is on the motorcycle or bicycle, so, how stufous is THAT, eh. pretty darn stufous.

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