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How To Clean White Wall Tires On A Motorcycle

You can clean white wall tires on a motorcycle with a little soapy water and a lot of elbow grease. But you can also use some household items and save a lot of time and energy. Here’s how to clean white wall tires on a motorcycle the easy way!

To clean white wall tires on a motorcycle with the least amount of effort, just grab some tooth paste, and an electric tooth brush. The toothpaste contains cleaning properties and it has some grit to it which lets it break up dirt and grime. The electric tooth brush’s pivoting head will do most of the work, saving you a lot of time and energy.

Check out this video to see the combination in action.

watch this video

Watch this video!

As you can see, tooth paste and an old tooth brush can make short work of cleaning your motorcycle white wall tires. This is particularly helpful for people with arthritis, carpal tunnel, or other ailments. It’s also very convenient for those who simply don’t like being bent over their motorcycle tires for a long time.

Considering an electric toothbrush only costs $20 if you don’t already have one, this seems like a great way of saving a lot of time.

The added benefits are not needing to buy special products that you don’t already own. That not only means saving your money, but also limiting your risk. Many automotive cleaning products use chemicals that aren’t necessarily safe for humans. We already know that tooth paste is safe for humans as long as we aren’t ingesting it.

You may be asking if using toothpaste on white wall tires is safe for the tire itself. In truth, I don’t know. I’m not a chemist so I can’t speak to the long term effects of tooth paste on rubber. However, motorcycle tires typically don’t last more than a handful of seasons before you’ve worn out the tread anyway. I have a feeling even if the tooth paste does cause some kind of premature wear on these tires, it wouldn’t happen until long after they’ve been replaced.

I’ve been asked why tooth paste instead of just soapy water and the tooth brush. I like tooth paste for the same reason many people use baking soda. In addition to having cleaning properties, it also has a grit to it which I believe helps break up the dirt faster than soapy water alone. I rinse off with a spray bottle of soapy water and then do a final rinse with a hose when I’m done.

Tooth paste also acts as a great cleaner for faded car headlights. It revitalizes them and brings them back to life. I already have a dedicated “garage” tooth paste tube, so using it on the tires as well just makes sense.

I you’re trying to figure out how to clean white wall tires on a motorcycle with minimal effort, an electric tooth brush and tooth paste has to be considered. Obviously this isn’t the only way to do it. There are tons of household cleaners and products you can purchase, but brushing your tires like this is a lot of fun and it leaves them minty fresh.

Motorcycle riding is supposed to be fun. Isn’t it time we had a little fun cleaning our rides too?

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