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How To Change Oil on the BMW F800R – The Proper Way

The BMW F800R is a beautiful, versatile, European street bike that seems to be able to adapt to whatever situation you throw her into. In this week’s video and this accompanying article, I’m going to be showing you guys how to do an oil change on the BMW F800R the proper way… Because how BMW’s service manual tells you to do it isn’t completely what you’d expect.

What struck me as weird was that when I looked at other content on how to do an oil change on this bike, all the previous videos were missing something (no torque specifications provided for example), or they were doing things incorrectly (wrong oil grade being used). So I set out to make one video on YouTube that would show you how to change the oil on a BMW F800R in only seven easy steps.

Note: Everything you’re about to read can apply to any of the other F800 series BMW motorcycle like the BMW F800GS, F800CS, F800ST, and F800GT.

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Watch this video!

Save 10W40 for the Japanese bikes. BMW calls for 15W50 for the F800 series motorcycles.

What you’ll need to do the BMW F800R oil change yourself

  • 2.9 litres of 15W50 Semi-Synthetic or Full Synthetic Motorcycle Oil
  • Oil filter removal tool
  • 24 mm socket bit and/or wrench
  • 17 mm socket bit may make installing and removing the oil filter easier on some oil filters
  • Torque wrench that can do between 11 N-m (oil filter) and 40 N-m (oil drain plug)
  • BMW OEM oil filter or equivalent
  • Tray or oil drain pan to catch old oil
  • Plan for disposing of old oil
  • Rags and paper towel (optional, recommended)
  • Gloves (optional, recommended)
  • Funnel (optional, recommended)
  • Table lift (optional, recommended)
Remove engine oil filler cap and drain bolt - BMW F800R Oil Change

Before you begin make sure the engine is warm, but not hot!

Step 1) Warm engine and remove the oil filler cap and drain bolt

  • Work on a warm (but not hot!) engine
  • Take off the oil filler cap and put it somewhere clean and safe
  • Put the oil drain pan under the motorcycle
  • Use your 24 mm socket bit and/or wrench to take off the oil drain plug
  • Note: Make sure not to lose your drain bolt or washer
Remove oil filter - BMW F800R Oil Change

Remove the filter, setup your tools, and wait for the oil to drain completely

Step 2) Remove oil filter and prepare your tools

  • Position your oil drain pan to be able to catch oil from your oil filter
  • Use your oil filter removal tool and a socket wrench to remove the oil filter
    • Note: You can use a 17 mm bit on the ends of some oil filters to remove them
  • While waiting for the bike to drain completely, set your torque wrench to 11 Nm
Lubricate and install new oil filter - BMW F800R Oil Change

Lubricate the black rubber o-ring shown with fresh clean 15W-50 synthetic or semi-synthetic motorcycle oil

Step 3) Lubricate the new oil filter O-ring and install the new filter

  • Apply clean, fresh oil, to the rubber o-ring at the bottom of your new oil filter
    • Note: You should use clean gloves for this
  • To install your filter you can use a torque wrench set to 11 Nm with either your oil filter tool or a 17 mm bit as applicable
    • Note: If you aren’t sure how to use a torque wrench, watch the video
Clean and install drain plug and washer - BMW F800R Oil Change

You may want to order a new washer if yours shows sign of wear.

Step 4) Clean and install drain plug and washer

  • Set your torque wrench to 40 Nm
  • Clean your drain plug and it’s washer of any oil and dirt or debris
  • Put your 24 mm bit on your torque wrench and install the drain plug and washer
Pour in 15W-50 synthetic motorcycle oil

Using a funnel will help avoid making a mess.

Step 5) Pour 2.9 litres of 15W-50 synthetic motorcycle oil

  • Pour in 2.9 litres of 15W-50 synthetic motorcycle oil
  • Wipe the dipstick / oil filler cap clean and reinstall
Check oil level - BMW F800R Oil Change

BMW is picky on how they want you to check the oil level on an F800 series motorcycle

Step 6) Check the oil level

  • Once you’ve completed steps 1-5 of the oil change, turn on your BMW F800R
  • Let the bike idle until you hear the fan come on
  • Once the fan comes on, set a timer for exactly 1 minute
  • Once it’s been exactly one minute since the fan came on, turn off the motorcycle
  • Remove the dip stick again and wipe it clean and then reinstall it
  • Remove the dip stick a final time and look for the oil line to be between MAX and MIN
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Step 7) Support free BMW F800 content by subscribing and then go for a ride

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  • Smile at your beautiful machine and then go for a motorcycle ride

BMW F800R oil change conclusions

It’s no surprise BMW has seen eight consecutive years of growth (see my thoughts on that here), whether you like them or not, they make great motorcycles. Now, between the text in this article and the video included above, you should be more than ready to know how to change the oil on any BMW F800 model motorcycle. If you do have any questions, don’t be shy. Leave your questions or comments in the comments section down below and I’ll be happy to talk to you!

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  1. Crush washer should be replaced.

  2. I’d recommend steering clear of wrench-tightening these oil filters – hand-tight is more than sufficient. Using a wrench might risk breaking its spot-welded nut, potentially causing a puncture. Save the nut for removal purposes only.

  3. Well done, great bike! Recently traded my 2011 F800r with almost 90,000 kms for another BMW. BMW suggests replacing the crush washer every time, but I’ve found it can be reused if it hasn’t flattened out. Always stuck with BMW oil and filter.

  4. Ok, ideally crush washer should be replaced but I have done many oil changes where no crush washer was available. If it is a copper crush washer you can anneal it before putting oi back. Alternatively you can use non setting gasket sealant on the washer or even do both. Never had a problem doing it like this.
    Most important on any filter change is to prime the filter, prior to fitment, by pouring some oil into it. You will be surprised how much the filter will soak up. This is much kinder to your engine when you first start up after an oil change.

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