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How to upgrade vrod night rod headlight

How To Install a Daymaker Headlight on a V-Rod

Wondering how to install a Daymaker-style LED headlight on your Harley-Davidson V-Rod? Or maybe you just want to know how to upgrade your V-Rod lighting or upgrade your Night Rod headlight in general?  I was.

It’s pretty easy on a Harley-Davidson VRSCD Night Rod or VRSCDX Night Rod Special, but then you end up with a round, 5.75″ (standard Harley size) LED headlight, and that’s pretty boring. So I found the best V-Rod oval-shaped wannabe Daymaker headlight out there and made a little install video. This video will also show you how to switch from a round V-Rod headlight to the oval one.

Get a better lighting on your V-Rod using a Daymaker style headlight by doing this

  1. Upgrade from the traditional 5.75″ headlight on my Night Rod to the oval V-Rod headlight.
  2. Upgrade to LED styling (Daymaker knock-off) for much better lighting.

These step-by-step instructions will walk you through that. Click to play the video:

watch this video

Click the little unmute button in the bottom left corner to unmute the video.

Watch this video!

If you want to use genuine Harley-Davidson parts:

When I first got quoted for doing a Daymaker headlight conversion from my local Harley-Davidson dealership they quoted me around $600. That only included the V-Rod’s factory oval light with H9 and H11 bulbs.

That would be better than my 5.75″ housing bulb, but still not good enough.

The part numbers for that job were:

68880-01 Headlight assembly
69860-07 Bracket, hdlamp, black
67657-05 Jumper headlight
3832M Screw, button hex cap
3709M Screw, hex socket
68807-01 Bracket, reflector mounting
3853M Screw, fl hx hd, self-tapping m3x1.06

but you don’t want those parts to switch your headlight!

Instead, you should go LED and get a Daymaker headlight on your V-Rod

Instead, for 1/3 of the price, you can buy these three parts only. They come with everything you need (hardware and hex key included).

Harley-Davidson Headlight Bracket (only needed if switching from Night Rod VRSCD or Night Rod Special VRSCDX to typical V-Rod oval headlight):

Harley-Davidson Daymaker-style LED headlight:

Harley-Davidson Headlight Jumper Cable (get it from the dealer – makes the job plug-and-play)
Part Number 67657-05

Other resources:

Ronnie’s site for Harley-Davidson Microfiches:

1130cc Forum – Best source for V-Rod Info:

Direct link to the video on YouTube for watching or sharing with friends:

This was one of my favorite V-Rod mods right up until I sold my V-Rod, but if you’re on a tight budget, you can just replace your headlight. Here’s how we upgraded a stock Vespa headlight to LED.

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PS: If you want to do an oil change on your V-Rod, here’s how:

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