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How To Install GIVI Monokey Rack

How To Install GIVI Monokey Rack (BMW G650GS)

A GIVI monokey rack is the perfect accessory for a do-everything motorcycle like the BMW F650GS and G650GS. It’s easy to install a GIVI rack on your BMW yourself! However, while GIVI’s quality is second to none, they don’t provide the best instructions. Here’s how to install a GIVI monokey rack on a BMW F650GS/G650GS.

Install a GIVI Monokey Rack in 5 Easy Steps:

  1. Review the diagram and count your hardware before starting
  2. Attach the bridge that connects the brackets first
  3. Attach the brackets to the bridge
  4. Attach the brackets to the frame of the motorcycle
  5. Attach the brackets to the passenger foot peg mounts

Below we’ll get into how to execute these five steps to install your GIVI monokey rack safely and securely. I have a video showing you how to install the GIVI brackets on a BMW F650GS or BMW G650GS, but the process will be similar for many similar motorcycles as well. Watch the video or read on to learn how to install these brackets so you can mount hard bags to your motorcycle.

watch this video

Watch this video!

GIVI Monokey / Kappa Monokey installation

GIVI and Kappa monokey mounting brackets are interchangeable. The two brands even share the same instructions (which are minimal). Both GIVI and their child company KAPPA use the monokey quick detach system, allowing motorcycle riders a wide variety of hard luggage to choose what best suits their motorcycle and riding style.

I was originally looking at installing some TRK-33 (33 liter GIVI Trekker) bags to this G650GS, but found some 40 liter hard cases being sold locally for a fraction of the price. That was too good of a deal to pass up.

Note that because of differences in shapes and sizes of every individual bag and motorcycle, it’s a good idea to look up your motorcycle on GIVI or Kappa’s website before you buy bags. Installing monokey brackets on your motorcycle doesn’t guarantee that all monokey bags will fit. Parts of your motorcycle may interfere with mounting, so be sure to do a little homework first.

GIVI monokey rack installation instructions

Step 1: Review the diagram and count your hardware before starting

Before you start to install the GIVI monokey rack, now is a good idea to take a look at the diagram it comes with. It should look something like this, used for all BMW F650GS until 2008, and G650GS models from 2000 to 2017. This will not apply to the 2008-2013 BMW F650GS.

GIVI PL188 instructions

Now is the time to count all of the hardware pieces that your kit came with and make sure nothing is missing. This is a great way to familiarize yourself with the hardware before you get started.

Step 2: Install the bridge piece

The bridge provides a support between the two monokey brackets that your bags will mount to. I decided to start there. You can install the GIVI rack bridge piece by screwing it into your BMW’s frame on either side of the rear tail light. Use two M8x20s (Part 3) and two washers (Part 11).

Step 3: Attach the brackets to the bridge

Secure the monokey mounting brackets to the bridge piece with two M6x16s (Part 4) and two washers (Part 11).

Step 4: Attach the brackets to the frame of the motorcycle

Attaching the brackets to the frame usually involves removing something. In the case of the BMW F650GS and BMW G650GS, you can pop off the circular tabs with a small flat head to access the bolt you’ll need to loosen off.

Once you’ve popped the circular tab off, you’ll need a Torx T-40 to loosen the bolt. Once loosened you must slide the bracket over the frame, but under the fairing. Use the M8x25 nut (Part 9), the original washer (Part 10), the 14×3 spacer (Part 8) to attach the bracket to the frame.

Step 5: Attach the brackets to the passenger foot peg mounts

The last part of the bracket connects to the back of the passenger foot peg support by first inserting the fisher ring into the fisher (Part 6) and then inserting the two into the back of the passenger foot peg support.

Press the two pieces of the fisher (Part 6) together firmly to avoid them falling apart inside the back of the foot peg support. Then secure them in place with two M8 x 35 (Part 5) and two 8mm washer (Part 7).

The space between the foot peg and swing arm is very tight. You won’t be able to fit a socket wrench in there. Instead, you’ll need a 12 mm wrench, or if you have a 12 mm ratcheting wrench you can tighten these up in a fraction of the time.

GIVI monokey brackets installed

Installing the monokey bags

Installing GIVI monokey bags are fairly easy. Once you’ve installed the brackets there are three mounting points that form a triangle. Slide the case along the mounting bracket until they are seated on the two bottom tabs. Then unlock the case, push down on the red tab, and push the case into the mounting bracket.

Luggage capacity

On this 2011 BMW G650GS, the owner chose to go for some GIVI E41 (41 liter) hard cases. Originally we were looking at some brand new GIVI TRK-33 cases, but when some local E41 came up for sale used for 1/3 of the price of the TRK33s, it was too good of a deal to pass up.

Overall the E41 41 liter bags are a bit too big for every day use in a densely populated city. You lose a lot of the advantages of a motorcycle, as you’ve effectively tripled the width of the rear of the motorcycle. The 33 liter cases would have been much more streamlined and probably not stick out past the handlebar. However, when on touring duty, having 24% more cargo capacity when you’ll mostly be on highways is a game changer.

GIVI E41 hard cases installed on BMW 650GS

My concerns

I only have one concern with the GIVI PL-188 installation. There seems to be very little clearance between the Leo Vince aftermarket exhaust on the 650GS and the bridge bracket. This could create a vulnerability for the exhaust in case of an accident. So far though, it has not made any issues.


The BMW G650GS is one of the best all-round motorcycles you can get. Adding GIVI or Kappa luggage to your motorcycle is one of the best modifications and accessories you can get for your motorcycle, and one of the Top 3 Best BMW G650GS mods. I’m very happy with how they worked out, and they’ve already been incredibly handy. You should definitely have a good set of Torx wrenches if you’re going to be working on a BMW, and a set of ratcheting wrenches are handy for any motorcycle. It’s great that even simple tools can make your motorcycle so much more useful and versatile. It’s too bad that GIVI’s instructions aren’t a little more detailed, but with the information above you should have no issues installing GIVI brackets on your motorcycle yourself.

QUESTIONS FOR THE COMMENTS: Did you like bags on your motorcycle? Do you prefer soft bags or hard bags?
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