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How To Make Your KYMCO Venox Faster

KYMCO VenoxIn stock form, the KYMCO Venox has a great top speed for a cruiser. It does over 140 km/hr, but 5th gear is a bit of an overdrive and the bike doesn’t have much pull left at that speed. The bike cruisers comfortably at 120 or up to 130, but at those speeds there isn’t a lot of power left for passing.

Don’t believe the hype, painting your Venox red will not make it faster

The KYMCO Venox Rear Sprocket Modification

We read about a solution to our little dilemma on the internet: the rear sprocket mod. At first we were skeptical, it sounded a little too good to be true. The reality was it was everything it was cracked up to be:

  • Faster acceleration in every gear
  • Higher revs mean upshifting a little sooner
  • The Venox’s stock gearing is tall, so you really only notice this in first gear
  • MPG is unaffected
  • Faster highway speed as 5th becomes more of a “power gear” instead of an overdrive gear

Overall this mod is definitely recommended.

If you want to order the sprocket upgrade kit or want help installing leave a message below or buy it online right here from us!

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  1. I want to do the Venox 250 sprocket upgrade and a performance jet kit . I have modified the baffles in the exhaust. The bike has ape hangers with many custom mods. Nice Bike
    Please contact me with any performance upgrades and sprocket size or other parts. Thanks …

  2. i need new mufflers for my venox any suggestions?

  3. What is the shipping cost to Malaysia,?

  4. If you do the 44T upgrade do you also need to replace the stock chain with a longer one?


    does anyone produce a replacement camshaft or would a Honda one work? Thanks
    {if I can get the camshaft sorted, std. is fin e.. then I would want to do the sprocket
    upgrade for sure..

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