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Motorcycle Gas Tank Stickers

How to Remove Warning Sticker From Your Motorcycle

There it is, your beautiful, shiny, brand new motorcycle. It cost you a pretty penny, but it looks gorgeous in the sun light. You admire it with a smile from ear to ear, while your friends are green with envy. “What’s that on the tank?” your friend asks. “That’ s nothing. Just a warning sticker, it comes off.” You reply.

But it isn’t really nothing, is it?

See, up until now you thought you had done everything right. You looked at the How to Buy Your First Motorcycle series. You read up on buying new versus used. You did your homework on how to bargain on a motorcycle at a dealership. You did your research on what kind of motorcycle was right for you and read all of the reviews.

But no one ever warned you what a complete pain in the ass removing the sticker off the gas tank is. That’s a damn shame. And that’s my fault. Guys, I’ve let you down. I should’ve warned you sooner, and I’m sorry, but removing those warning stickers is a real nuisance.

Motorcycle Gas Tank Stickers

But don’t worry, here’s how you do it.


How to Remove Warning Sticker From Your Motorcycle

The first thing you should do is take a picture of the labels and any important information they contain. This may or may not be included in your ownership manual so it’s a good idea to check. Once we get started on removing the label, well, ever heard of Humpty Dumpty? Count on never being able to get that label together again. Next up you’ll need to get some equipment. I recommend stealing your ex-girlfriend’s blow dryer and buying a bottle of Goo Gone. I stole my ex’s blow dryer four years ago. It still makes me smile. Deal with it, Ashley. Motorcycle Gas Tank Warning Labels

Third, use that blow dryer (or any blow dryer really) to heat up the glue holding the sticker to the tank. Please do not use a heat gun, a magnifying glass, a micro torch, or any other would-be MacGyver ideas floating through your little head right now. Why? Because I said so, but also because we don’t want to cause any damage to the paint under the sticker. You spent a lot of money on your baby, let’s not ruin it already.

Once the area begins to heat up, begin peeling. You might be at this for a while, and it might help to do this on a hot day (I didn’t), but it can be done even in the very early spring. You can apply Goo Gone throughout, or just afterwards to clean up the mess left behind by the glue residue from the sticker.

TIP from reader TonyP, re: Goo Gone:
Try it in an area that is not seen so if it damages the paint the area can be repaired without being that noticeable.

Thanks, TonyP!

If these instructions work for you, or you have your own tips, please leave a comment.

UPDATE: For those who asked, here is the after shot.

Suzuki Boulevard gas tank sticker removed

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  1. Firstly, boycott any manufacturer who would desecrate a new bike in such a fashion!

  2. Any word back from Ashley? “Deal with it, Ashley” – I wonder if she still has wet hair.

  3. RT @YouMotorcycle: UPDATED: How to Remove Warning Sticker From Your Motorcycle http://t.co/QS0u98JC5P – now with AFTER pic!

  4. You bought Goo Gone but never said where you used it. Also a warning: if you use Goo Gone try it in an area that is not seen so if it damages the paint the area can be repaired without being that noticeable.

  5. How to Remove Warning Sticker From Your Motorcycle http://t.co/aJXmfLlyiX via @YouMotorcycle

  6. The first thing I do when I get a new bike home is to remove ALL the stickers. First thing I do before leaving the dealer is have them remove all of their advertising i.e. licence plate frame.

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