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How To Yamaha XSR900 Oil & Filter Change

How To: Yamaha XSR900 Oil & Filter Change

Today we’re going to change the oil and filter on a Yamaha XSR900 based on Yamaha’s own service manual. In other words, this article will show you step by step how to change the oil and filter on a Yamaha XSR 900 exactly as they do it at a Yamaha dealer.

By learning how to change the oil and filter on your Yamaha XSR900 the right way, you can save a lot of money, and still know that you’re doing the job the right way.

Tools you need for an oil change on the Yamaha XSR900

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Before you start your oil and filter change…

Before you start your oil and filter change, you should do two things:

  1. Make sure your Yamaha XSR900 is warmed up (run it for a couple minutes) but not hot.
  2. Make sure your Yamaha XSR900 is in a full vertical, upright position (you may need to ask a friend to hold it if you don’t have a way of securing your bike upright).

Note: If any of the instructions below are unclear, they should be painfully obvious in the video above, so you should watch that in full first.

Time needed: 30 minutes.

Changing the oil and filter on a Yamaha XSR900 can save you a lot of money. Follow these instructions to do it exactly as a dealer would.

  1. Step 1) Remove the oil fill cap

    Step one is to remove the oil fill cap.
    While you’re there, you may as well check your oil window screen to see your oil level and color.Step 1) Remove the oil fill cap

  2. Step 2) Remove oil drain plug

    To remove the oil drain plug on a Yamaha XSR900 you’ll need a 17mm socket wrench.
    Make sure you don’t lose the washer around the drain bolt (drain plug).
    Check the drain plug for any metal shavings that would show wear in the engine.
    Check the washer for any signs of wear that would mean it needs replacement.Step 2) Remove drain bolt and washer

  3. Step 3) Remove oil filter

    Remove the oil filter using an adjustable oil filter wrench.
    If your XSR900 is presently using a K&N oil filter, you can use a 17mm bit to remove the oil filter.Step 3) Remove the oil filter

  4. Step 4) Lubricate the new oil filter

    Lubricate the new oil filter by running a bit of clean new motorcycle oil over the black rubber gasket that runs along the bottom of the oil filter.
    Lubricating your oil filter’s o-ring prevents you from having to deal with a seized on oil filter the next time you try to change your oil.Step 4) Lubricate the oil filter

  5. Step 5) Install the new oil filter

    You can install the new oil filter once all of the old oil is done pouring out.
    The torque specification for the oil filter is 17 Nm (12 ft-lbf) according to Yamaha’s factory service manual.
    Using the correct torque specifications are important because they stop you from over-tightening the oil filter (which could damage the filter or motor) or under-tightening the oil filter (causing a leak).
    To avoid problems, I recommend using a cheap but effective torque wrench like this one. They’re very easy to use, you just twist to set the wrench to the desired torque spec.Step 5 Install the new oil filter

  6. Step 6) Install oil drain plug and washer

    Next, install the oil drain plug (and the washer) back into your Yamaha XSR900.
    The torque specification is 43 Nm (31 ft-lbf).
    You should clean the oil drain plug and washer of any old oil and debris before putting them back into your motorcycle.Step 6) Install oil drain plug

  7. Step 7) Pour in new oil and check the level

    The last thing to do is pour in your new 10W-40 semi-synthetic (or 10W-40 full-synthetic) motorcycle oil and check the level in your oil level window along the way.
    If you replaced only the oil, but kept your old filter, you will need 2.4 litres of oil.
    If you replaced both oil and filter, you will need 2.7 litres of oil.
    Pour in just a little less than the amount of oil you need and check the oil fill window.
    Start the motorcycle and watch the oil level go down, turn the motorcycle back off and watch the oil come back up again and settle.
    The oil level should be halfway between Min and Max.
    If the oil level is too low, add more. If it’s too high, drain a bit from the drain plug.
    Oil screen window min and max

The only thing left to do now is to take your Yamaha XSR 900 out for a ride. Note that you may see or smell some smoke if you accidentally splashed a bit of oil onto your exhaust pipe. Not to worry, it will quickly burn off.

FUN FACT: You can read error codes on the Yamaha XSR 900 for only $20 to $40 yourself, no special dealer tools or trip to the dealer needed, click here to find out how. 

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  1. Gracias. En unos días haré mi cambio de aceite. Saludos desde México

  2. Excellent video. Thank you. Could you tell me the torque wrench you are using? The link to the page didn’t load

  3. Hi.

    Thanks a lot for the videos have loved the series on the XSR 900. l have a question, do you have any diameter and size dpecs for the oil washer gasket? Had an oil change and the guy did not have one, the mechanic he seemed to say it is unnecessary. Sadly the oil has gone down a lot.

    l have some excess oil which l want to top up the oil. However, l am thinking of changing the oil but also of adding the missing gasket. When we took the bike in for servive it did not have one. Not my bike but using it so one of those things.

    So l want to have it serviced as best as l can so l have peace of mind. You may be wondering why l do not just go to the yamaha dealership but its not so simple here. They invariably have 125s, 150cc, 250ccs rarely anything bigger than that. Furthermore it seems people are moving away from motorbikes so getting any parts other than oil and a few things is tough.

    For instance on the official website here, they do not stock the filters, the washers or anything. l tried to talk to them but it was a waste of time, so l am forced to do this.

    My plan is to find. hopefully something compatible and l hope that solves the issue. Otherwise l dread to think what it may all mean, l have been doing some online reading and it is scary stuff but let me try to eliminate this one first before looking at other options.

    Sorry its been a bit unclear but hopefully you managed to understand what l am saying.

    • Just because the dealer doesn’t sell the bike, doesn’t mean they can’t get you the part. Moreover, just because they don’t sell the bike, doesn’t mean they can’t look up the part number, so even if they can’t get it for you, you can still look up the part number online to see what the size is.
      You can also find a site with parts microfiches, like bikebandit.com, scroll to find OEM parts, get the part number from there and google the part number. Once you have the part number it’s usually easy to find the washer size.
      Last solution, you can ask an XSR900 specific group on websites like reddit or facebook.

  4. The gasket size is 14 inch. Make sure it is a crush washer (gasket). Any 14 inch crush washer will do. Oil changes are easy. Save your money and do it yourself. Adrian’s video is a spot on step by step instruction. Thanks for the vid, Adrian!

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