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Interview with Sierra Snow

Interview with Sierra Snow

Sierra Snow is a talented singer who just released a song called Ride or Die. It’s a catchy, guitar-driven song about her time in a motorcycle club. We sat down with her talk about it.

YouMotorcycle: What does Ride or Die mean to you?

Sierra Snow: “Ride or Die” is originally a biker term meaning if I can’t ride my motorcycle, I would rather die. But over time the meaning has changed a bit. Now, it’s most commonly used to express extreme loyalty to a significant other or friend. My song Ride or Die is a play on both the former as well as the latter.

YouMotorcycle: You mentioned that bikes were something you were born into?

Sierra Snow: I grew up around men who road motorcycles, made moonshine, and sported tattoos up and down their arms before it was legal to get them (in our state).

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YouMotorcycle: Any favorite bikes or memories from those days?

Sierra Snow: My Dad and his brother Doug went through a few bikes between the two of them. But the one I remember most is my Dad’s 72 Triumph Bonneville. I loved when he’d ask if I wanted to go for a ride. I could always find him and his friends in the garage listening to bluegrass, and telling stories with Uncle Doug’s tattoo gun buzzing in the background.

YouMotorcycle: So the years go by, you get a little older, what happens next?

Sierra Snow: Looking back, I guess its easy to see how I was drawn into the motorcycle club scene. A sense of brotherhood, and a sense of family for those who felt like they didn’t belong. Without going into to much detail, I ended up dating and becoming “engaged” to a club member a few years back. I use the term engaged loosely. I had a ring, but his loyalties weren’t with me in the beginning, middle, or end I found out.

Sierra Snow Ride or Die Interview

YouMotorcycle: What was that like?

Sierra Snow: During that time I got a crash course on what was expected of me as his old lady. I can’t say it was all bad. I am still friends with a few people who were in the club. But I couldn’t sacrifice myself for someone not willing to do the same for me. It was a toxic time in my life, followed up by an even more dangerous relationship with a former member of the club. He’d been out of the club for a few years when I met him. But he still had a very similar expectation of me and wanted proof of my loyalty when ever he saw fit.

YouMotorcycle: Can you tell our readers how this comes together in your song?

Sierra Snow: My song Ride or Die is about the expectations of a club member and his old lady. The song echoes questions asked to hang-arounds, new prospects, and girlfriends alike. The lyrics welcome you into the lifestyle, while simultaneously heeding warning to those who enter it. For the music video I wanted to twist the original story line a bit by featuring an unlikely friendship between two women. I wanted it to be reminiscent of the film Thelma and Louise. A kind of friendship that was lacking in my life at that time. Through the lyrics I hint at my truth, but I also hope the song can be seen as an anthem for extreme loyalty between true friends.

Find out more about Sierra snow on her YouTube and Instagram accounts.

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