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Motorcycle USB Charger

Kick-Ass Handlebar-Mounted Motorcycle USB Charger! $18!

This is awesome, and I’m really excited!

I just ordered a dual USB-charger that I can easily wire to my motorcycle battery, and mount to my motorcycle handlebar even more easily. The name of the product is kind of long. It’s called the Motorcycle Mobile Phone GPS Waterproof Dual USB Power Supply Charger Port Socket Plug Charger by Crazie Genie.

Let’s face it, fewer and fewer accesories really need 12v “cigarette lighter” plug-ins. In fact, all of our devices typically come with USB cables, so let’s do away with the 12V charger altogether. Also, this is way better than having to carry an external battery charger around with you.

Here’s what it looks like:

Motorcycle USB Charger


I haven’t received my charger yet, but my assumptions on the instructions would be as follows.

Mount the charger to your motorcycle’s handlebars. You should consider where your device will be mounted, whether or not the charger will obstruct the view of your dashboard, etc. Motorcycles only offer much surface space to work with, so put some thought into it before mounting.

Check the fuse. There’s no reason it should come with a broken fuse, but you’ve got the product out in the open. In fact, it’s already in your hand, right?  So don’t be a bonehead, make sure your fuse is in there, nice and snug.

Run the wiring along your wiring harness. Don’t have a solo wire just running along off on it’s own, try to find the path your existing wiring harness travels to get to your battery, and follow that. You may need to temporarily lift or work around your gas tank and motorcycle body panels. Don’t be a putz, it’ll be worth it, and you might just learn a thing or two about how your motorcycle works while you do it.

Don’t cut the wiring harness. Seriously. Just because I’m telling you to do it right, doesn’t mean you need to be such a perfectionist that you make life hard for yourself. Keep that wiring harness shut and away from sharp objects! One cut wire in there today, could give you chronic electrical issues that are hard to diagnose and trace back tomorrow. Your wallet will thank us when you don’t get the shop bill from your mechanic for this.

Handlebar-mounted motorcycle usb charger

Zip tie to the wiring harness if possible. Be original, find ways to work with your existing harness, without damaging it, if you can ziptie your handlebar mounted USB motorcycle charger along side of your motorcycle’s wiring harness, you’re laughing!

Connect the connectors to your battery terminals. Red is positive, black is negative. If you’re not sure which terminal is which, you can look at what colors are coming out of your motorcycle’s battery terminal currently.

If everything’s black, or you’re really not feeling confident in yourself, take a good look at the battery. The positive terminal will have a positive sign somewhere near it, the negative will have the negative sign somewhere near it.

Enjoy! Plug in your phone and charger it as you ride!

Shopping – It’s only $18!

We picked this item as our motorcycle charging solution of choice because of it’s convenience, ease of use, waterproof properties, but also for the price. At $17.99 it adds a premium feature to our bikes, at an extremely affordable price.

If you like the Motorcycle Mobile Phone GPS Waterproof Dual USB Power Supply Charger Port Socket Plug Charger by Crazie Genie you can buy it on the YouMotorcycle Shop or on Amazon.

How to carry your accessories? 

You might need one of these motorcycle handlebar mounts for it. You can click on the images for links to the products.

Want a car-style cigarette-lighter type of charger?

You might want to check this out. It features both a USB charger, as well as a tradition car charger plug. It’s also perfect to fit your motorcycle as it’s available in both black or chrome, so you can pick the one that fits your bike. Click the pic for details.


Now you can take advantage of everything your devices has to offer, be it recording your ride, giving you turn-by-turn GPS directions to your destination, and still have a fully-charged battery when you get there.

Ride safe, and without fear of drained devices!

About Adrian from YouMotorcycle

I started riding motorcycles in 2007, founded YouMotorcycle in 2009, and was working in the motorcycle industry by 2011. I've worked for some of the biggest companies in motorcycling, before going full-time self-employed in the motorcycle business in 2019. I love sharing his knowledge and passion of motorcycling with other riders to help you as best I can.


  1. For those that have more than one you may find the Battery Tender USB more convenient.
    Of course you have to have a battery tender jack already installed on your, or your friends, bike. It’s nice and small and can be had for under $10 if you look around.

  2. I got the same product. Did connections to the battery as instructed. Since there is no switch to turn this thing off, the charger continuously drains battery even when the key isn’t inserted in ignition. There should be some better way of wiring instead of direct battery connection.

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