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How To: KYMCO Venox Oil Change

KYMCO Venox Oil Filter
motorcycle oil

What oil should I use and how do I change the oil on my motorcycle?

KYMCO recommends 5W-50 motorcycle oil. This chart illustrates what motorcycle oil you should use based on the temperature. What you use in the desert or tropics may not be what we use here in Canada. On my KYMCO Venox, I put in fresh Motul 10W-40 Semi-Synthetic motorcycle oil every oil change. The Synthetic vs. Non-Synthetic debate is older than I am and so I’ll avoid it. I like my Semi-Synthetic, it’s more than what’s recommended, and it’s good enough for me.

Before you drain your KYMCO Venox motorcycle oil make sure you have the necessary equipment. In the case of the Venox, we’ll need:

  • Socket wrench with metric sockets, I believe we its a 14mm
  • Oil pan or something to catch the oil you drain from your motorcycle
  • Means of disposing your oil in an environmentally friendly way (in Canada we can put it in a tub and bring it to a local store and they dispose of it for us)
  • New oil filter (HF-561)
  • At least 2.0 litres of motorcycle oil for a drain and change, 2.2 litres of motorcycle oil if you’ll be changing the filter as well.

oildrainHow-To: Drain oil on a KYMCO Venox?

Easy! Look under your Venox and you’ll find its oil drain bolt. Place your oil pan under to catch the oil, unscrew to open the oil tank (by your right foot while riding), then loosen the bolt with a socket wrench. Try not to let the drain bolt fall into the oil pan.

How-To: Change a KYMCO Venox oil filter?

KYMCO recommends changing the Venox’s oil filter every 12,000 kilometers (or 7,450 miles).

This is easy as well just be careful as there are a few small parts you don’t want falling in to your oil pan. Unscrewing the Filter Screen Bolt will let the bolt, the cover, the spring, the washer, and the old filter out.

For the obsessive-compulsive types, when the engine oil is done draining you can flush a little clean oil through to rinse things out, and lightly spread a little oil around the threads of the bolts to avoid seizing.
Now put it all back together. If you bought a new filter and it comes with a new washer and spring, replace any old pieces with the new ones. Once things are sealed under the bike, go back to the oil tank and pour in 2 litres of oil, or 2.2 litres if you changed the oil and filter on your KYMCO Venox.

KYMCO Venox Oil Filter KYMCO Venox Oil Filter

That’s it! Feel free to leave some comments/questions/feedback at the bottom of the page, and see our other Venox pages.

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  1. The Dude that Abides

    Thanks, dude!

  2. what filter does the Venox use?

    • I’ve always just used the OEM piece.

      • Hey guy Jean here i just purchased a venox and i …!don’t know if i made the ride decision but what can i cay it was $500 with tax’s so with the plate that the dealer put on it came to $575 But anyway iv read that a lot of honda Parts will fit or are the same .have you hurd this as well?

      • Would you be aware that there doesn’t seem to be any and i mean any u-tube videos on changing the oil and filter on the venox .and believe me i have scrolled though hundreds of u-tube videos on just about every other bike getting its oil changed.any chance you might do one guy ?..oh please narrate it , dont put some stupid music track with it ,tell us what your doing ,
        Oh and lastly iv seen studio cycles wed site, so do they sell parts for the venox? im not in Toronto im 2 hrs north of TO.but my mechanic might be able to order parts from them if they do.

  3. Just purchased 08 venox 250 just doing a little proventive maintance thanks for your help. Charles

  4. Where do I pour the new oil? (HELP)

  5. Does that apply to kymco zing 125

    • Hi Ian, I’ve never seen a Zing so I can’t say. Most oil changes on motorcycles are fairly consistent though. The Venox is a bit different because typically the filter is exposed and not inside the engine case.

  6. Very clear for a novice like me thanks a big help guys

    • Hey Stephen, glad to help. I’ve put tens of thousands of kilometers on my Venox so if you have any questions on the bike feel free to reach out either here in the comments or on my Contact page (it’s in the menu). Ride safe, but have fun!

  7. Hi, It’s my second time to change oil to my Venox 2004 model. I can’t remember anymore what is right direction to put Hiflo 561 oil filter? It looks same on both direction. No arrows, at the other end is text 561, on the other end nothing. Is it same in both direction, does it matter what direction I install it?

  8. Well i cant do that would not have a clue how to do that ,but ya i plan on doing the oil and filter change myself ,all wavs done it on my twinstar.as thats why iv tried to find a good video on a venex oil and filter change. So as i think i asked as to studio how equipt are they for parts for the venox ..? umm a few things like filters and maybe oil ?or quite extensive for parts.

    • Jean, with regards to the video you requested, I’m not sure why you feel entitled to tell me not only what content to create, but how to make it, while at the same time showing zero interest in either giving back to the site a little, or even just picking up the phone and giving Studio Cycle a call yourself. Either way, I won’t be taking any more questions from you. Buy a service manual. Hire a mechanic. Give someone a few bucks to show you how to do it. Or figure it out yourself like a grown up. Those are your options. Ride safe.

  9. oh if i may add ,even the pictures you’ve posted here dont show the filter being lowed.

  10. Hey fella.. umm harsh ..but weather you wish to reply i suppose that is your choice sir.but i do wish to apologize if my request came out dictator-esh, that was not my intent.by no means ,i had just seen so many videos on the venox but they all had sound tracks instead of narration and no oil change’s,so again my apologies.But now as to my asking you about the studeo ,and ya i could call but i only asked you as you deal with them ,or you have experienced with them i didnt think that an out of line question to ask of you fella.and furthermore guy i want to change the oil and filter myself ,hence why i asked for a possible video .wink wink .and im going to have to pay a g-note to get my venox safetyed, so why would i fork out more to have its tune up done wink wink nudge nudge,when i do said tune up on my other bike?and ill end this with and you have a save ride out there
    ps i seriously dont know why you got to bent out of shape guy ?

  11. oh sorry i missed one .as to throwing support to this site .umm i may be on line but not every one knows how to do that and 2nd even if i did know ,we dont send any money on line .to anyone .

    • Cool. Best of luck with your request for a video then.

    • Hi there,I was wondering if I can ask, I know you said you use 10w 40 Simi systhedic oil,as do I but how often do you change it,? Do you go strictly by Kay’s? or do you go by the cooler of the oil as it’s getting dark? Oh and as an update I did did change the oil my Venox last year.it wasn’t as hard as I thought.lol
      Oh if you don’t wish to reply I understand. Look

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