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Ana Carrasco

Ladies and Gentlemen, This is History

Come take a walk with me for a moment. We’re going to tread lightly, on tip toes, and with an open mind.

I want you to imagine a world with two classes: Class A, and Class B. Each class has a unique set of standards that their society wants them to conform to. In many areas one Class A has been allowed to shine and Class B has been repressed. This isn’t always the case, and in some places it can be the opposite, but mostly, Class A has been doing alright. It’s sunny out. The bikes are running. Things are good.

Society starts to catch itself though. It recognizes the need to step up for Class B. Now there’s two ways of doing this:

  1. They automatically reallocate funding and promotion of Class A over to Class B.
  2. They allow Class B all of the same advantages as Class A and let the strongest thrive.

I’m talking about the inequality in genders, specifically in western civilization, and the changes we’re seeing today. As our society tries to correct itself, we find ourselves trying to find balance. We need to help our sisters, but if we put them ahead of more worthy brothers, we’re no better off.

In order to find true equality, we need fairness. Progress must transpire on a level playing field, not on a teeter-totter. That’s what makes this piece of history so perfect and worthy of celebration.

Ladies and gents, Ana Carrasco is the first woman ever to win a motorcycle world championship!

I love that Ana’s won this year’s World Supersport 300 Championship because racing is all about equality and fairness. All of the racers and their teams have the same options, restrictions, and rules they must follow. All of the racers must qualify for every race.

There are no government-dictated gender quotas on motorcycle racing. The fastest time gets pole position on the starting grid, the slowest person goes to the back or goes home early. If you see a woman racing, it’s because she can ride her ass off and she deserves to be there.

I hope that even if you aren’t interested in motorcycle racing, you were as happy to learn that Ana made history as I was. This is the kind of girl power I want to see more of in the world. Way to go Ana!

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  1. Bloody Marvelous! Well done Ana!!!

  2. You little ripper Ana!!!!!! Well done from all of us in Auz!!!

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