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Leigh Hutton

Leigh Hutton – Woman of the Month

Leigh Hutton is a journalist, public relations professional, author, horse jumper, mother of three, and I’d bet the house she could ride circles around you on road, dirt, or ice. She’s also our newest featured woman rider of the month. Leigh is a Canadian ice racing and Enduro champion living in Queensland, Australia with her husband, five time Australian Enduro Champion Kirk Hutton. This is her story from her teen racing days on Canadian soil and ice, to her present life on the other side of the world as an author, racing promoter, and wife of an Australian Enduro champion with a motocross track in her front yard.


Name: Leigh Hutton
Hometown: Millarville, Alberta, Canada
Current home: Brisbane, Australia
Astrological sign: Pisces
Claim to fame: Won Canadian titles in ice racing and cross-country
Three things I couldn’t live without: My children, husband and iPhone.
I can whoop any man’s ass at: Multitasking!
The thing I’m most proud of is: My kids
My advice to women looking to get in to racing is: Find other girls and ladies who are either racing or interested and team up! It’s the most fun sport in the world and best shared with like minded people. Local clubs and bike shops are a great point of call. And look me up on Twitter! I’m always happy to help

Beauties Raising Hell in Dirt Bike Racing


2000 – 2002: Leigh is in her teen years. Her name is Leigh Lalonde. She wins Canadian Championships in ice racing and  enduro. We’re jealous already.
September, 2002: Leigh attends her first International Six Day Enduro (ISDE) in the Czech Republic and meets the Australian team
November, 2002: Leigh moves to Sydney to live with an Australian lady and her family, who generously offer to help her get into the Australian racing scene.
2003: Leigh’s parents and sister move to Australia and the family live together in Canberra.
2004: At Leigh’s second Australian 4-Day Enduro (A4DE) she is reunited with Queenslander, Kirk Hutton, eventually known as “Husband Kirk.”
2005-2007: Leigh starts work as a journalist for The Courier-Mail and graduates Queensland University of Technology with a Bachelor of Journalism. Leigh and Husband Kirk wed. Leigh starts Shooting Star Media, and goes on to do the promotions for the biggest Enduro races in the country, as well as for several top riders and Yamaha Motor Australia.
2010: Kirk and Leigh welcome their first child, Harley Hutton.
2010: Leigh starts writing her first novel, which, after many drafts and revisions, becomes REV GIRL.
2011: The family travel to Finland for the ISDE – the eighth time Kirk represented Australia at the event.
March, 2012: The couple’s twins, Drake and Holly Hutton, are born.
December, 2013: Leigh finalises plans for the publication of the first book in her series about the gutsy girls of action sports.
2014: REV GIRL to be released!

Leigh Hutton Racing


While my husband is still racing and fully sponsored by Yamaha and FOX, our eldest son, it seems, is taking over our family legacy. At just under four years of age, Harley has two dirt bikes (a PW50 and KTM50). We ride with him and our two-year-old twins every afternoon. Harley rides trails many adults have struggled with and loves his Dad’s big motocross track. He scares the crap out of us, but we make sure he has all the safety gear and expert coaching from my husband and I – we are both qualified coaches, and have run coaching schools. Harley (and it seems both of our twins, too) has an intense and unquenchable love of motorcycles. I couldn’t be happier for him that’s he’s found a passion at such a young age. – Leigh Hutton

Ice Queen YM: How old were you when you began racing?
LH: About 15 or thereabouts, sorry my memory isn’t the best!

YM: How old were you when you won your first championship?
LH: About 17.

YM: Your parents and sister moved to Australia shortly after you did, anything you’d like to say to them?
LH: Thank you for following me Down Under! They love it here and we all share a 300 acre property. We are all into motorcycles so that is awesome.

YM: We read an article that said you were back on two wheels four months after giving birth to twins. Has having children slown you down at all?
LH: Oh, yes. Very much. It is really hard to get out for a ride these days but when I do (my hubby and I love adventure riding on our WR450F’s) I have a blast! It’s a great stress reliever for busy moms.

YM: You ride as a family, including with your two year old twins. Any advice for parents looking to get their children on two wheels, either as a passenger or on their own bike?
LH: Use protective gear! Make sure you have helmets that fit for the kids and as much gear as you can get your hands on from proper boots to gloves, knee pads, chest protector. Search for good quality second hand and educate your kids on the importance of wearing gear. Most of all, have fun! Motorcycling is the best family sport and it’s a great passion area to keep older kids out of trouble!

YM: Rev Girl is coming, what’s she like?
LH: I can’t say too much about Clover Kassedy right at the moment as the book has just gone under submission to an American literary agent, but I’ll let you know as soon as I have news!

YM: What can we expect from the Go Girls Chronicles?
LH: It’s a series about the gutsy girls of action sports, aimed at young adults but very much enjoyed by all ages and genders. For the reader who is craving action and adventure. These powerful coming of age novels will entertain, inspire and tug at the heart strings. Stories are set amongst the worlds of horse show jumping, motocross, surfing, racing cars, snowboarding, skateboarding and rodeo riding. Sorry I can’t tell you more, but I promise I will have news soon!

YM: Any words of wisdom for young female racers, maybe something that a young Leigh Lalonde would’ve benefited from hearing?
LH: If you can dream it, you can do it. Go for it, girls, you can have it all. Make it happen and love the ride!

Way to go Leigh, we’re cheering for you and your little racer family. God speed, Huttons!

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