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Liberty Sport Trailblazer 1

Liberty Sport Eyeware Review – Trailblazer

Alright lets talk glasses. Depending on what geographical location you call home your riding season might be dwindling to an end but, lets face it, sunglasses make an excellent stocking stuffer.

You may not have heard of them before but Liberty Sport has been producing frames and lenses to meet the needs of demanding conditions since 1929. They say that there are more than 600,000 eye injuries related to sports and recreation each year, I’m not sure if that means that 300,000 people are actually injured each year but either way that’s a big number. Liberty Sport sent us three pairs of recreational sunglasses in the form of the Panton, Chopper and Trailblazer 1. I’ll be wearing each extensively on and off my bike, and my take on them will result in a comparison to see how each pair performance individually and compared to one another.

What’s the point of a shootout if a winner isn’t crowned? Although I was genuinely impressed by all three Liberty Sport glasses here is my view (pardon the pun) on each; ranked from ‘my favorite’ to ‘least likely to purchase’.

Trailblazer 1 (#207) – My favorite

Initially when the box arrived containing all three models I ripped each out of their hard-shell zippered case and tried each on. The Trailblazer 1 was instantly my favorite, and it remained the victor throughout the entire testing process.

Liberty Sport Trailblazer 1

The frames are available in a unique matte slate, translucent black or army green; and of the three the high-gloss translucent black was my preference. What I liked about these glasses is that the frames accept prescription lenses, and right out of the box they come with sun lenses that provide 100% UVA and UVB protection. The tinting is subtle enough not to impede your vision if you find yourself riding though shadowy streets, yet strong enough to give you squint-free enjoyment even on the brightest of days.

I awarded this pair the title of being #1 because I found that for motorcycle applications they worked best. The main feature that sets them apart from the others are its MagTraxion magnetic eye cups which made this pair extremely comfortable, while providing protection against dust and bug bits while rolling down the highway. Right out of it’s carrying case these glasses were a seamless fit to my face and felt custom made for my head shape. The arms are strong yet thin and are ultra flexible – which equates to being easy to jam into your helmet regardless of how snug the helmet may fit.

If you’re interested in appealing to the opposite sex (or same sex) it should be stated for the record that there is nothing less appealing than someone walking around with those cheesy yellow-tinted sunglasses and thick padding around the lenses. Liberty Sport helps improve your chances at courting your mate by having the foam dust guard around the lens easily removable thanks to simple magnets. Once you’ve gotten to where you’ve been getting’ to you can park your steed, synch off your lid and pull off the dust guard from your glasses. The simple foam and plastic construction makes them pliable so you can cram them in your jacket pocket until you need them for the ride home.

Even my ape fingers found the foam guards easy to install, and even though they are left and right-side specific its pretty easy to see which side they call home so you won’t be fiddling with them for an hour while your buddies ride off without you.  Retailing for $169.95  they include the semi-ridged zippered case, lens cleaning cloth, adjustable cord and pouch for the eye cups once removed from the glasses.

For more information on the technology behind the Trailblazer 1, sizes and accessories simply click here. For more Liberty Sport eyeware reviews, click here.

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