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Lokithor Jumpstarter & Tire Inflator Review

Saving on size and weight is critical when it comes to packing for a motorcycle trip, and that’s what makes the Lokithor jump starter and tire inflator such a tempting offer. It can do twice the work, and save you when you’re in trouble on the side of the road. Let’s put the Lokithor JA series to the test and see if you should buy one.

To begin with, the Lokithor JA series are reliable pieces of equipment and whether it was being used on an old truck or a motorcycle, the results were impressive. The Lokithor showed a lot more power than we expected, making easy work of jump starting dead trucks, scooters, and inflating truck tires several times over, while still having tons of power leftover.

Find out how well the Lokithor all-in-one jump starter and tire inflator performs in our review:

watch this video

Watch this video!

Full disclosure: I did not pay for this product. Lokithor sent me a free unit to test out. I was under no obligation to review it, nor do I receive any compensation for reviewing the product.

Check out the Lokithor website or see the deals available on Amazon.

Before getting a Lokithor JA jumpstarter and air inflator, I was using two separate devices, one for each job. My Airman tire inflator had been with me for over fifteen years, and aside from a strange rattling sound it worked almost as good as it did when new. My Gooloo jumpstarter was only a couple years old but had proven itself and saved me from some embarrassing incidents.

I value good equipment and being able to get myself out of trouble. But I also value finding better ways to do things, especially as a motorcyclist who likes to go out on long, multi-day rides. The idea of one device being able to replace two others just seemed too good to be true. So I had to put it to the test.

Test the Lokithor Jump Starter

For testing purposes I grabbed a motorcycle battery that hasn’t been able to start a motorcycle in about two years. I keep it for bench testing and electronic diagnostics. Naturally, when I dropped it into my Vespa, the scooter wouldn’t start. Of course, within seconds of hooking up the Lokithor jump starter, it fired up on the first try.

Lokithor Review - Jump Starter Test

Using the Lokithor jump starter is easy, all you’ll need is clear access to your vehicle’s battery. In my case it was under the seat. You’ll connect the positive cable, and then the negative one. A green LED light will turn on to indicate that you have a correct connection. Then you just hit the starter and it’ll fire right up.

Of course, that wasn’t really much of a test, but I can tell you what is: During the dead of Canadian winter I found myself in a parking lot with my very dead sixteen year old pickup truck. It’s a 5.4 liter V8 engine, big and naturally aspirated the way nature intended it. After trying three times to get her to fire, all I got was a progressively weaker crank. It took about forty seconds to pop the hood, grab the Lokithor from under the driver seat, hook it up, jump back in the truck, and fire my truck up. In another forty seconds I put everything away and was driving straight to buy a brand new battery, but the point is: I made it safely, out of the cold, and without spending hundreds of dollars for a tow truck.

Speaking of winter, did you know it’s a bad idea to start your motorcycle in the winter? Unless you plan on taking your motorcycle out for a nice long ride, don’t start your motorcycle in the winter time. It won’t help your battery, it will only make it worse.

Testing the Lokithor Tire Inflator

I believe the tire inflator function is what people will use the Lokithor JA devices for the most. Correct motorcycle tire pressure is so crucial for both ride performance and safety. So let’s put this function to the test.

For this test I took a 20” from my truck and deflated it all the way down to 10 psi. The idea was to give the unit a real test where it would need to be running for a long period of time. The Lokithor unit itself hadn’t been recharged in several months. It had also been used in short bursts over the last several months since it’s last recharge, so I was unsure how well the unit would hold a charge, especially over such a long and strenuous test.

Lokithor Review - Tire inflator test

The Lokithor had 75% battery life when I programmed it to pump from 10 to 32 psi and started the test. Within a few minutes the tire was refilled to 32 psi, the unit turned itself off, and the battery still read 75%.

Not only was this very efficient and easy, but it was so much more practical than my fifteen year old air compressor which needed a 12 volt cigarette plug to run on. The Lokithor runs on it’s own battery making it very portable, quick, and easy.

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Other cool features

The Lokithor has two other features that may be worth mentioning, especially for those of you planning to use this around the house or on long road trips.

Firstly, the unit has a USB port, so you can take advantage of the Lokithor’s huge battery capacity to charge your cell phone, GPS, and other devices. The Lokithor’s battery capacity varies by model, but it should charge your cell phone several times over.

Lokithor Review - Flashlight test

Secondly, it comes with a huge LED flashlight with multiple brightness and strobe effects. This can seem really gimmicky, until you drop a nut doing a road side fix after dark and your little cell phone flash light just won’t cut it. The Lokithor’s light is very bright and full.

How to make the Lokithor motorcycle-specific

If you really want to make the Lokithor motorcycle specific, just do what I did and cut off the handle. It’ll save enough space to help you fit a few more socks and underwear on a long motorcycle trip.

Lokithor Review Conclusions

I honestly have no hesitations recommending this product to anyone. Lokithor’s JA series are solidly built machines that have not only bailed me out, but bailed out a number of my customers.

It’s equally practical and easy on the side of the road as it is in the garage topping up tires, balls, and more. It comes with everything you need to use it.

Sometimes less really is more, and when you can do twice the work with one accessory, that’s the case. This Lokithor device is a blessing to motorists whether you travel on two wheels or four.

Of course, if you need to jump start a motorcycle right now, and you don’t already have a Lokithor, you could always just get jumper cables and jump start a motorcycle following my walkthrough!

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  1. Which one did you test? The JA300/301 or 302? I guess, for most motorcycles, the JA300 would be enough according to the stats, even with a high compression SS V-Twin… The prices are pretty good no matter which one.

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