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Menace Clothing Co T-Shirts & Hoodies For Motorcyclists

Nate from Menace Clothing Co reached out to show off some of their t-shirts and let us know a bit about their brands. Her are some blurbs from our conversation:

“Menace Clothing Co is a San Diego, California based no nonsense brand. We love riding, skateboarding, and shenanigans. Our limited print graphic clothing and apparel is so dope, you will want to smoke it, though please don’t.”

I asked him who their t-shirts and hoodies were for and Nate was a straight shooter:

“Our designs and ideas are created for like minded people, and not for everyone. We are rebellious ftw kind of people. Living in a world so full of bullshit, we pride ourselves on calling it out for what it is.

Take a look, see what you like, and reach out with any questions.”

Nate also sent me over one of their shirts, and I was happy with the quality. It’s 100% cotton, with bright strong colors, and came pre-shrunk. The fit was true to size, exactly as expected, which is always important when shopping online.

I wore it on Sunday in honour of Mother’s Day. I had to explain the shirt to my mother. She shook her head, I laughed, we had lunch. It was a nice day. You can get your own shirt and show your support for working moms here.

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