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OBDPROG Moto 100 review - motorcycle scan tool

Moto 100 Diagnostic Scan Tool: 5 Things I Loved And Hated

The OBDPROG Moto 100 is a universal motorcycle diagnostic scan tool. You plug it into your bike and it shows you all kinds of data. The more sensors your motorcycle has, the more it can show you, and the more things you should be able to do with it.

I’m Adrian from YouMotorcycle, I make content for people who want to learn about motorcycling. In a previous post I addressed the questions: Have we entered the era of the universal motorcycle diagnostic tool? What can really do with this thing?

In today’s piece, I’ll tell you 5 things that I love and hate about my OBDPROG Moto 100 diagnostic scan tools.

watch this video

Watch this video!
Love #1 – One tool for multiple motorcycles

The first thing I love about the OBDPROG Moto 100 is that I have one tool for a half dozen brands of motorcycles. The Moto 100 will work for BMW, Ducati, Honda, KTM, Triumph, and Yamaha motorcycles. That’s awesome.

I love that I can plug it into my Triumph, and then I can plug it into two of my BMW motorcycles. The same tool will connect to all three motorcycles.

Hate #1 – Two different versions that don’t really mix

The first thing I hate about the OBDPROG Moto 100 is that it comes in two different versions, and there isn’t much crossover between the two. There’s an European version which covers BMW, Ducati, Honda, KTM, Triumph, and Yamaha motorcycles. There’s also an American version which covers Harley-Davidson, Indian, Polaris, Victory, BRP, Honda, and Yamaha motorcycles.

If you have a Harley-Davidson motorcycle as well as a BMW motorcycle, like I did at the start of this season, you would have to buy two different Moto 100 devices. That would cost you over $1,000. It really kills the value proposition for me.

Love #2 – No limits on how many motorcycles you can use it on

The second thing I like about the OBDPROG Moto 100 is that I can use it with an unlimited number of motorcycles. If I’m helping out my friends I don’t have to worry “Oh no, I only have one or two registrations left.” I can plug this into as many motorcycles as I want.

That’s a solid upside compared to other tools like the BMW Motorrad-specific GS-911. In comparison, the GS-911 diagnostic will limit how many motorcycles you can pair with, and then you’ll need to buy more licenses.

Hate #2 – It isn’t as good as motorcycle-specific tools

Compared to motorcycle-specific tools like the GS-911 and MotoScan, the Moto 100 favors breadth over depth. The tool is nowhere near as good at in-depth functionality like these tools made for specific motorcycles.

In the motorcycle industry we have a saying: ‘One size fits all’ means ‘one size fits none.’ That saying doesn’t totally apply here, but it kind of does. Take a look at my OBDPROG Moto 100 Testing article and video to see in-depth testing.

Love #3 – Shows you a diagram of diagnostic ports

The Moto 100 has an easy to access diagram for every motorcycle to illustrate where the diagnostic port is located. This saves you a ton of time by not having to take off fairings and side covers while looking for your diagnostic port.

So far I’ve tested almost a dozen motorcycles and haven’t found diagnostic port information missing from any of them. This is a very cool little feature.

Hate #3 – The menu will throw you in a loop

The Moto 100 sometimes take you backwards, or into an infinite loop. It’s hard to describe but sometimes you’ll click on a menu option, and you’ll be taken back to a previous menu. This happens whether you were trying to access your braking system or your EMC.

What’s crazy is a lot of these YouTubers who are reviewing them they didn’t realize that they just kept getting sent back to the same menu they thought they were progressing further. Once you realize that you are simply hitting a dead end with the tool, it becomes much easier to use and navigate.

Love #4 – It works great with my pickup truck

On the flip side, I found that the Moto 100 tool worked really well with my pickup truck. In fact, it probably worked better on my truck than it did on all three motorcycles that I tested it on combined.

Obviously my truck has way more sensors and technology than a motorcycle would, so that makes sense. I’m happy that I can use it for more than just my motorcycles. That’s a win.

Hate #4 – It isn’t guaranteed to work

Unfortunately, if you’re buying this specifically for motorcycle use, it isn’t guarantied to work. The Moto 100 is compatible with many motorcycles, but that doesn’t mean it’s capable of doing much with them. You could end up buying a very expensive tool without much upside. It has a lot of limitations for various motorcycles that I tested it on.

You’ll find many YouTubers recommending it and telling you all of the things it can do, but they don’t really show you what it can do. They tell you to buy it because they typically get a 4% commission on the product, meaning on a $500+ tool, they’ll make $20 every time one of their viewers buy one.

I’m here to tell you that your success with this tool isn’t guaranteed. You should buy one, try it on your motorcycle(s) right away, and see how capable it really is with your specific motorcycle. If you buy through my affiliate link, and return it for a full refund if it doesn’t work well for you, you’ll get all of your money back, and I’ll get no commissions because the item was returned. I strongly recommend trying it if you’re in the market for a diagnostic tool, but also testing it right away so you can return it within 30 days of purchase and get a full refund.

Love #5 – Data, extras, and more

If you find the Moto 100 does work well with your motorcycle, you’ll really enjoy it. It’s able to pull a ton of data that can be very helpful with problem solving. You can use it to trigger a lot of different actuators for testing purposes. It even has a few simple easy-to-use built-in testing functions which are kind of cool.

The device runs on Android which allows you to have different apps running on it. It comes loaded with Adobe Acrobat reader so you can load and read all of your motorcycle service manual PDF files. It also comes loaded with TeamViewer so you can allow somebody from OBDPROG to literally connect to your Moto 100 device (after you make up a password for it) to help you with diagnostics – for an extra charge of course.

Hate #5 – Support and hidden extra costs

And that’s where we get into the fifth thing that I dislike about the Moto 100: There are some hidden extra costs that aren’t clearly stated to buyers. When you first buy your Moto 100 you can register it and update it for free for up to one year. If you bought it today you could update it until February of 2024. But what happens if you bought a 2025 Ducati after that?

You wouldn’t be able to plug your 2025 Ducati into your 2023 Moto 100. Not without paying an $80 fee to update your license. My issue is not with the $80 pricetag. My issue is the fact that they don’t publicly disclose this price or show it anywhere on their website. I only know this information because I literally had to email my contact at the company and ask what happens when the license expires, and how much does it cost to renew it. This information should be publicly visible on the website. It is kept secret. That’s a thumbs down.

I realize this is pretty quick summary. If you really want to get a taste of what the Moto 100 Scan Tool can do, check out my previous article where I try 4 different tests across 3 different motorcycles to see what the Moto 100 can and can’t do.

I’m Adrian from YouMotorcycle. Thanks for watching, and ride safe, but have fun.

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