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MotoGP fans start your engines! Wait. Not a diehard race fan? Well, here is YouMotorcycle’s quick update to get just about anyone up to speed as to where the 2013 MotoGP standings are at right now.

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Back to GP for the rest of us:

The 2013 circuit is comprised of 18 races which began in Qatar back in April, and ends in Valencia mid-November. The series stops off all over the work including the United States of America, Japan, Australia, various countries throughout Europe, and a few other exotic locations.

26 world-class riders make this year’s track warriors with some of the big names being Ben Spies, Colin Edwards, Nicky Hayden and Valentino Rossi. Rossi is currently in 4th place, and your top three points leaders as of now are Marc Marquez with 253 points, Jorge Lorenzo with 219, and Dani Pedrosa tied with 219.

Paddock GirlsThe points are awarded based on the finishing position of each rider, only the top 15 to place receive points. Earning 1st place will land you with 25 points, 2nd is a healthy 20 points and third drops down to 16 point – all the way down to the 15th rider to finish earning 1 single point.

Enough about the points, lets get down to the real reason we watch motorcycle racing – the bikes. Considered to be the F1 series of motorcycles MotoGP consists of the fastest and most powerful track bikes on the planet. These are purpose-built beasts not available to the public that wear parts valued well into the six-figure range, and the entire bikes have estimated values far above a million dollars.

As of two years ago the maximum engine displacement is 1,000cc with a maximum of 4 cylinders from a 4 stroke engines – gone are the days of s stroke GP bikes. The governing body of the sport has set a limit of 5 engines per contracted rider that they must make last for the entire race season.

If the real reason you watch is for the world-famous paddock girls then have no fear because each circuit provides an entirely new flavor of ladies. And ladies, visit the official MotoGP website and under the Riders & Teams tab you can pick your favorite motorcyclist based on his stats, or the visual appeal.

The next race will take place on September 29th at the 3.155 mile long Gran Premio Iveco de Aragon (aka Motorland Aragon) track in Spain. Built in 2009 containing 7 corners with a variety of severity we’re looking forward to this next race being a very entertaining course. If you’re like me you catch a race here and there, or watch the highlights on the official Youtube channel when you have the chance. Typically I remember a couple riders a year and monitor their progress from time to time. I’d recommend sticking with one or two and following them – or watch each and every race if you’ve got the time.

Marc Marquez, the current points leader, recently widened the cap with his 20 point second place finish last race and we predict that this momentum will carry on for the next race in Spain. My predictions for the next race’ biggest jumper is the #19 of Alvaro Bautista who rides for Go&Fun Honda Gresini. The Spanish native will be on his home turf and his more modest riding style of late should prove to be effective over the course of the series.

Call me a fanboy but Rossi is my favorite rider again this year. He is extremely talented and has partnerships with Monster Energy and Ferrari just to name a couple. He is riding for Yamaha this year, after leaving Yamaha previously to join the Ducati team. As well as riding and racing the fastest competition bikes in the world Rossi also finds time to drive trophy trucks, GP cars, rally cars and the odd Nascar.

RossiNow remember, watching these pros on the track is no way to behave on the streets. To sharpen your skills and test your limits we recommend booking a track day and taking your bike out on a professional course, or renting a bike from any of the race schools all across North America.

Now that you’ve got some background info and have been brought up to speed give us your predictions for the next race, and whom you think will be on the podium in November.

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