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Motorcycle-Riding Disney Princesses

Motorcycle-Riding Disney Princesses

From Instagram user bessna_art:

Of course, I had to start with my very own first crush, ever, Ariel from The Little Mermaid. Love that her stunt bike’s colors are taken from right off of her fish buddy.

Disney Princess Ariel on a Motorcycle

Belle from Beauty and the Beast is the quintessential brooding brunette on a vintage-styled motorcycle.

Disney Princess Belle on a Motorcycle

Apparently this one’s called Maleficent, and I have no idea if she’s a Disney princess on a motorcycle or one of the bad guys, but that’s a sweet custom Harley-Davidson.

Disney Princess Maleficent on a Motorcycle

Let’s be honest, if Pocahontas was riding anything other than an Indian motorcycle, we’d all be calling it out.

Disney Princess Pocahontas on a Motorcycle

As much as I love all of these, I kinda feel like Elsa not being on a snow-oriented “motorcycle” a little more like this was a bit of a miss.

Disney Princess Elsa on a Motorcycle

Here’s Fiona from Shrek with one terrified kitty in sidecar.

Disney Princess Fiona on a Motorcycle

And this one has to be my favorite of them all. Princess Jasmin from Aladin just givin’ ‘er on a dirt bike in some Arabian dessert dunes.

Disney Princess Jasmin on a Motorcycle

Lastly, we have Mulan. Fun fact: Mulan was actually based on the legendary Chinese warrior, Hua Mulan, who disguised herself as a man and fought in the army for twelve years in the seventh century. Wild!

Disney Princess Mulan on a Motorcycle

Be sure to check out @bessna_art on Instagram for all of this and more.

PS: For anyone thinking, “Hey wasn’t Pocahontas based on a true story too?” – kinda, but not really.


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  1. Sturgis Motorcycle Rally

    Nowadays, these kinds of motorcycle art won’t display on the t.v in the cartoon or animated movies but also in real life.

  2. The one of Belle is my favourite. Reminds me VERY much of an ex-girlfriend of many years ago (who went on to become my ex-wife, as it happens!).

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