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Motorcycles vs. Cars at the Track

Motorcycles vs. Cars: At The Track (Videos)

There’s a new four part video series out that compares motorcycles vs. cars at the track. The series is a collaboration between Evo Magazine and Bike Social, looking at the friendly rivalry between the biking and car community. Two Wheels or Four is the question being asked. The aim of the series is to translate that rivalry to the track, pitting two wheels against four with accurate track testing.

Motorcycles vs. Cars At The Track – Video #1: Jaguar F Type V6 S v Triumph Street Triple R

Motorcycles vs. Cars At The Track – Video #1: Morgan Plus 8 Speedster v BMW R Nine T

Motorcycles vs. Cars At The Track – Video #1: Audi R8 V10 v Ducati 1199 Panigale R

Funny that MSRPs were never mentioned in the videos… Comparing an $84,000 Jag with an $11,000 Triumph, and a $124,000 Morgan with a $15,000 BMW? Give me a break!

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Motorcycles vs. Cars: At The Track (Videos)

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