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Neck lacerations from unknown string across road

Motorcyclist Clothes-Lined by Wire Across Toronto Road was not the First

Early yesterday morning the Toronto Star reported that a motorcyclist was riding southbound along Warden Ave. just after 4:00 PM when he struck a wire across the road. The wire was believed to be either fishing line or kite string. The man was rushed to St. Michael’s hospital with life-threatening injuries.

The motorcyclist was 26 year old Humayun Kobir. Riding his black Suzuki GSX-R, Kobir felt something tightening around his neck. It was kite string. When he saw the blood he pulled over to call for help from a bystander. Although the rider is now expected to survive, it was still a serious, deep cut. Had it been a few more inches closer to the middle of his neck, Kobir may have been decapitated said his brother, Suleyman.

Neck lacerations from unknown string across roadNews outlets haven’t announced that this is not the first time a Toronto motorcyclist has reported a similar experience. On May 20th a motorcyclist was riding northbound on Bayview, just south of Rosedale Valley Rd. when he felt a similar tightening around the neck. The rider said although he had lacerations around his throad and felt as though he’d been clotheslined he couldn’t believe there would be anything tied across the road. This rider described his injuries as several, short, parallel cuts, consistent with a cluster of strings (see photo).

In 2007, an Italian motorcyclist, Marco Badiali was decapitated by barbed way laid across in the Apennine mountains just beyond a ridge.

Just what riders needed: one more danger to be on the lookout for while on the road. I wish Humayun a speedy recovery and everyone a safe and fun ride. Please share this with all riders you know.

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